[VIDEO] New way to free up memory on your iPhone or iPad


The question of how to clear free space on your iPhone or iPad, continues to be relevant, and on our site regularly appear in the descriptions of the ways in which this can be done. Today we will tell you about another method that can be called, perhaps, the most unusual and most effective. It doesn’t require jailbreaking and other obscene gestures.

[VIDEO] New way to free up memory on your iPhone or iPad

First we need to launch the iTunes application Store and go to the movies. Choose a movie and do rent. Make sure that your device is substantially less free space than you have to download the movie in HD. After trying to download the screen will display a message stating that your device has not enough space, want just close.


[VIDEO] New way to free up memory on your iPhone or iPad

Then launch the Settings app, go to the Main page — and iCloud storage. You make sure that the implemented manipulation allowed to release a certain amount of memory.

But hundreds of megabytes of remote you probably will not be enough, so I advise on reached not to stop. Repeat the procedure with the unfortunate release of the film and go back to the Settings: you will see that MB has become noticeably more. Not enough? Go back to the iTunes Store and continue.


[VIDEO] New way to free up memory on your iPhone or iPad

Of course, don’t forget that if you will release the amount of memory available to download the requested movie, then you will successfully take it in rent and your account will be debited the corresponding amount. Therefore, advise caution and to have a sense of proportion.

Having conducted this experiment on two office devices, we were able to clean up more gigabytes on each of them. And how much memory it has managed to release to you using this method? Share in the comments!

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