#Video: the Apple Watch, Nike+ — the sports Apple Watch

That’s got to us the Apple Watch! Yes not simple, and Nike+. It is difficult to hide the fact that we like them. The watch is really stylish and attractive, though not without some guile on the part of Apple. But about all under the order.

Version of Nike+ was presented in the framework of renewal of the model range in September of this year. Like all other Apple Watch Series 2, this model is equipped with a GPS sensor and the ability to dive to a depth of 50 meters. Although in this case 50 meters are only beautiful words that were used even before the release of the Apple Watch, and actually watch only allow you to swim in them, but not to take on tens of meters. For a more substantive conversation here is an excerpt from Apple’s site with a breakdown of footnotes about water resistance up to 50 meters, which is confirmed by the data given in the standard for water resistant watches.

Apple Watch Series 2 waterproof to a depth of 50 meters according to ISO 22810:2010. This means that they can be used for shallow dives, such as swimming in the pool or sea. Apple Watch Series 2 should not be used for diving, waterskiing and other similar dives to great depths or water contact at high speed. Straps stainless steel and leather straps are not water resistant.


The first thing that draws attention in terms of design, this new band that had not met her before on other models of Apple. It is made of a material similar to that used in the original Apple Watch Sport, but almost the entire length has openings for better ventilation and drainage of sweat. Because of these holes the strap has become more flexible and soft, which is a really nice touch. Personally, I liked it very much, and I’d even ordered this for their watches, but on the Apple website such straps on sale. Maybe it’s some kind of an arrangement with Nike in terms of distribution of products, or simply a desire by Apple to highlight the model from the category of normal hours and get interested to buy another clock. Of course, the aid can always come Chinese websites, where you can find copies of literally anything, but that is another question.

#Video: the Apple Watch, Nike+ — the sports Apple Watch

The colors do not differ from the standard colors, except pink and gold colors, which are clearly not relevant to sports. Thus, in the line of Apple Watch, Nike+ silver color and the famous Space gray. Color options of the strap only two for each color of the housing. So, buyers who prefer the standard silver color, will offer a choice of straps color “sheet-silver/white” and “sheet-silver/green”. Yes, that’s silver leaf! And on the American website the color is just Flat silver. Both strap light gray from above, and differs only in the color of the inner part of the holes and the inner side of the strap. In the first case it is white and the second green. For those wishing to purchase a watch in a darker casing Space Gray will be offered the straps “black/green” and more stringent “black/cool grey”. We brought the watch with the strap colours “black/green” and it looks really cool, as I already wrote earlier.

Especially nice and bright strap looks combined with signature faces that are unusual for the Apple style, but it is wonderful to read and perfectly suited for the model, the main purpose of which is sport. Set the dial on the regular Apple Watch also does not work, which again emphasizes the isolated position of the model in the line of Apple.

#Video: the Apple Watch, Nike+ — the sports Apple Watch

As for the dials, there appeared only one innovation, but it is very different from the regular Apple Watch version of Nike+. The user can use the two dials in the signature light green Nike that look quite nice and show sport orientation hours.

If you replace the bracelet on Apple Watch Nike+, to distinguish them from ordinary it will be possible just by looking at the back cover, which features a small Nike logo and mention of the relation of hours to the sports brand. The rest off the watch is not to distinguish from the regular Apple Watch Sport.

The sports component

The emphasis in the model at its sports facilities. Now the company really has full-fledged sports version hours. The model incorporated a special extension to run the application Nike+ Run Club, which allows you to keep a track of all the statistics runs, the user, provide it for analysis and compare your results with other users.

#Video: the Apple Watch, Nike+ — the sports Apple Watch

Given how deeply integrated clock function for tracking running, it can be assumed that the main buyers of the Apple Watch, Nike+ will be the fans of the sport, and the presence of GPS in the model will perfectly complement them and allow Jogging to leave the phone at home, which is very convenient, as the phone often just nowhere to put. Most calls can wait 30-60 minutes. Thus, it is also a definite improvement in terms of comfort of use.

Nike+ Run Club

Since Nike is in the forefront of the watch, we should also tell what is the same Nike+ Run Club. But is it something like a social network for runners. Moreover, the user can obtain enough information about the previous training, so you can still share this information with friends or just people that are interesting. An application built in clock also has the function of motivation, who will say “But Bob ran five miles, what are you sitting there?”. I will say that applications that can do quite a lot, and you’re right, but none of them has received official endorsement from Apple and none of these applications specialists of the company took to implement the system. So it at least this is getting some good odds.

#Video: the Apple Watch, Nike+ — the sports Apple Watch

General characteristics

In addition to these differences in design and some software Goodies, watch the toppings are no different from the regular Apple Watch Series 2, presented on 7 September. Autonomy hours to one and a half days of normal use. Expected that the active use of GPS for training and other sports functions, and listening to music the battery life is significantly reduced.

#Video: the Apple Watch, Nike+ — the sports Apple Watch

Watch how the regular Apple Watch, which is compatible with all models of iPhone starting from iPhone 5. For synchronization use Bluetooth 4.0. Thanks to “blue tooth” it is possible to play music through wireless headphones that are also comfortable enough for running without a phone.

Screen, the assurances of Apple, has a unique brightness, surpassing in this indicator all other devices of the company. If to speak in figures, the brightness is 1000 CD/m2 vs 450 CD/m2 from the first generation of watches that were released in 2015. The screen also has the Force Touch that, as in the first generation, perfectly complements the side button and the Digital Crown.

In Russia, Apple Watch Nike+ went on sale in late October, and the price on the Apple website is 33 990 rubles for the version with 38mm and 36 990 rubles for the version with a 42 mm case, regardless of color. The price matches the lowest prices for the usual Apple Watch Sport Series 2, and in this connection it can not but rejoice that the company did not raise the price of this special version, and fairly left it at the level of similar models.

#Video: the Apple Watch, Nike+ — the sports Apple Watch

Of course it is impossible to name an indispensable tool for professional runners, as they will not be able to count a lot of things that you need for a truly professional training. But they are not intended. This is the watch that allow you to go for a jog, returning to take a shower or dip in the pool, and then go to work in them, or meeting with friends, while retaining all the features of smart watches. So even though Apple Watch Nike+ and do not differ much from the regular, not the sport versions, but deserve their portion of attention. On the question of whether to change your Apple Watch on a normal version of Nike+ if you like running, I would have said no. But if you want to buy their first Apple Watch, I would recommend this model for consideration. They are quite interesting!

Thank store i-ray for provided for a review of the Apple Watch, Nike+.

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