Video: updated iMessage in iOS 10 in action

Brand chat Apple iOS 10 has received a radical update. When Apple talked about a new way of communicating with iMessage, it meant exactly that.

Video: updated iMessage in iOS 10 in action

Everything will be so fluid and customizable, as I could imagine. iMessage now supports animated symbols, such as balloons, confetti, and fireworks, which can be displayed on the entire screen to set a festive mood, invisible inks — text message the recipient will see only when you hold your finger on it — as well as handwritten notes for added personalization.

Automatic hints will help you easily change the text on the symbols, emojis, Tapback — easy and fast way to answer in one touch, and support for media content in the links will allow you to browse and play the content without leaving the conversation.

Video: updated iMessage in iOS 10 in action

Animations, hand-written notes, Emoji that replaces words and sentences thanks to their recognition system, full screen animation, it seemed that the correspondence will never be the same. Now, with the filing of Apple, the messenger turned into a real toy.

See for yourself: BuzzFeed has provided the opportunity to test the new feature iMessage.

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