Videofact: hedgehog taught to unlock iPhone paw print

Biometric fingerprint module Touch ID, which first appeared in the iPhone 5s designed to provide additional data security on smartphones that can recognize the touch of other parts of the human body and do not succumb even before the paws of animals.

Videofact: hedgehog taught to unlock iPhone paw print

Master advanced hedgehog named hedgehog_sashimi in Instagram showed how you can bring the pet to unlock iPhone. The Japanese have demonstrated that the module Touch ID, which recognizes only the fingerprints of a person. So successfully in the database of the phone to make the imprint of the feet of a hedgehog.

What is the purpose? Well, first, it’s funny. In addition, it is unlikely that the attacker will guess that for unlocking the iPhone it will need prickly pet.

Videofact: hedgehog taught to unlock iPhone paw print

Previously, iPhone users empirically found that unlock a gadget, you can use the tip of the nose and the palm of your hand. In addition, the Touch ID successfully recognize the patterns on the balls of his feet. The task of the recognition lines on the fingers biometric sensor to cope better. In addition, users found out that to unlock iPhone you can use your own nipple.

If the fingerprints people leave on all subjects which concern, nipples and toes are in contact only with selected surfaces, and therefore protected from “theft” is much better. However, at issue is the aesthetic side of the issue. And if applying the iPhone to the bare chest look its touching, then reach out a toe to the Home button can only fairly flexible people.

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