“VKontakte” began forcibly to transfer users to a new design

Social network “Vkontakte” on Thursday, June 9, began forcibly to transfer users to a new design. As reported by LIVE Express, is now updated appearance service active 10% of participants.

"VKontakte" began forcibly to transfer users to a new design

On Thursday, many registered users “Vkontakte” I saw a fundamental change in the design of pages of site. According to the company, the social network registered more than 350 million people. Thus, the new design has already received about 35 million people. All of them were selected randomly.

“At the moment, 10% randomly chosen users is enabled redesign. This is the beginning of mass transfer of all the VK users to the new interface. Those who voluntarily moves to a new version, some time will be able to return to the old, while the redesign will not include all. Above 10% do it can not”, — said the representatives of “Vkontakte”.

As told in the social network, which users voluntarily switched to the redesign, will be able to “roll back” to an older version of the portal up to the moment when the new interface will not appear at all. Those who have a new design of “Vkontakte” was included to force, to return to the previous state of the social network will fail.

"VKontakte" began forcibly to transfer users to a new design

“VKontakte” announced the first in 10 years, the redesign of the social network in April this year. The creation of the new interface took about one and a half years. Processing was subjected to almost every section of the social network.

In the left menu has less items, and the most popular sections are moved to the top of the screen. There is now and “Notifications” section, which contains applications to add friends, likes, mentions, friends ‘ birthdays and other important events.

"VKontakte" began forcibly to transfer users to a new design

"VKontakte" began forcibly to transfer users to a new design

The news feed in the new version of “Vkontakte” was divided into two blocks, in which, according to the developers, it is easier to navigate. Much has changed and the section “Messages”. Now in the left side of the screen contains the list of the most recent dialogues, and the right — current correspondence. Processing was subjected to the viewing of photographs: comments moved to the right side of the screen, so the user can simultaneously see the picture and the reviews to it.

Thanks to the redesign of the web version and the mobile application “Vkontakte” became more similar to each other. This, according to developers, will make the social network more recognizable and user friendly.

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