What else Apple will unveil at today’s presentation?

What else Apple will unveil at today's presentation?

The upcoming presentation of Apple Inc., which will take place tonight, may not be limited to hardware innovations, according to Recode, citing informed sources. According to journalists, a significant part of the event will be dedicated to cross-platform TV service. The development will serve as an aggregator of content, opening up access to content from multiple online cinemas.

“This new service will allow viewers to log in only once in order to have access to the content of numerous applications and services — confident in Recode. – Currently users are forced to enter your data for each app individually, which is very inconvenient. Ideally you should get the unified search service that will not require multiple authorization”.

Initial rumors about the possible release of universal authentication method appeared in the summer of 2016, ahead of the worldwide developers conference. Then it was assumed that the service can be presented in September, however, according to available information, Apple was able to negotiate with management services until now. It is not excluded that the brand of the aggregator will be available outside the United States, including in Russia. This is supported by Apple’s indirect interest in the promotion of the domestic market.

AppleInsider.ru according to tradition, will conduct a text broadcast of the event. Beginning at 20:00 Moscow time. Join us!

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