What if AirPods lose the connection during a telephone conversation

What if AirPods lose the connection during a telephone conversation

Some owners AirPods reported loss headphones Bluetooth during a phone conversation. Relevant information was posted by a user with the nickname Snark1234 on the support forum Apple, finding the confirmation from a dozen of the same dissatisfied. According to victims, operation of the accessory does not cause any problems as long as you don’t try to use it as a headset. Whether so it actually and what actions should be taken in case of detection of faults were dealt with AppleInsider.ru.

“I use your AirPods paired with iPhone 6s to listen to the music and very happy with them, but occasionally [headphones] lose connection with your smartphone during a phone conversation, says the owner of AirPods. – To continue the conversation, I have to manually establish a Bluetooth connection. Ruptures happen even when the distance between the phone and AirPods is less than one meter. Comes to the fact that I have to plug headphones several times for the interview”.

To find out the true cause of your problem, we appealed to the representatives of Apple technical support. According to the employee, the more likely that the problem is caused by a fault in the headphones work, and the Bluetooth module of the smartphone. Therefore, if you encounter a connection breaks, it is advisable to return the accessory to its factory settings by long holding the control button on the back of the case. In the case of a maintenance problem, you must update to the latest iOS version or restore from a backup.

Not helped? Contact the nearest service centre or your retailer.

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