What to do if your Mac shows the wrong time

What to do if your Mac shows the wrong time

If your Mac shows the wrong time, it can bring a lot of inconvenience. At least you may not notice that it displays the wrong time, for example, to be late somewhere. In addition, incorrect time information can affect the performance of your applications. Thanks to our colleagues from the iDB, we have collected all possible causes of this situation and all the ways to solve the problem.

Why Mac shows wrong time

There are several possible reasons. Here are the most common:

  • The failure of the software
  • The problem with the timing of the location
  • Mac for a long time was not included
  • You moved the computer to a new time zone
  • Someone changed the time on your Mac

How to force Mac to show the correct time

Anything of the following is likely to help you.

Restart the computer

This is the advice given in different cases. From time to time it really helps.

Check the settings of date and time

Go to this menu item and  → System settings → date and time. Make sure your Mac automatically receives information about the date and time from the server. Also make sure your timezone is selected automatically based on the information about your location.

Check the availability of the location information

In order to automatically select the time zone on your Mac needs to be activated location-based services. To check whether they are activated, you can, removing and again putting the appropriate box in paragraph  → System settings → date and time → Time zone.

Make sure the Mac is connected to the Internet

For the automatic adjustment of time your computer needs an Internet connection. In the absence of a stable connection Mac will not be able to set the correct time.

Watch out for time zone while traveling

If you move the computer to another time zone, the time should change automatically if you have enabled the automatic adjustment and a connection to the Internet. If these conditions are not met, you can manually change the time zone in settings  → System settings → date and time → Time zone.

Set the time manually

If all else fails, you can just disable automatic time adjustment and enter the correct value manually in the settings  → System settings → date and time.

Keep Mac charged

If your Mac for a long time was not included, the Board could be left without power. Some Mac can use the PRAM battery, the state of which depends on the ability of the computer to store information about time. If this battery fails, the Mac will use the system battery. When both batteries are discharged, the Mac will not be able to store information about time. You’ll need the help of service center.


If all the manipulations, the problem with displaying the correct time, not going anywhere, you may need to reset the NVRAM. This procedure is done in different ways on different Macs. How to reset NVRAM on your computer, tell the Apple support site.

If none of the tips did not help you, you may be able to help specialist Apple support. In our material you can find out more about their work.

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