What will be with the Russian prices for the Apple Watch?

What will be with the Russian prices for the Apple Watch?

The arbitration court of Moscow region refused to allow Russian “daughter” of Apple Inc. the claim to FCS on the recognition of the Apple Watch electronic device. According to the materials of the hearing, continue the gadgets of this type must be classified exclusively as a watch and be taxed at the rate of 10% of their value. To appeal the decision from “eppl Rus” have exactly one month, otherwise, consumers can expect an unexpected increase in the cost of the Apple Watch.

The initial requirements for reclassification Apple Watch was launched by the company in the past, 2016-m to year. Then lawyers “eppl Rus” referred to the pending economic Commission for Europe decision on the functional characteristics of electronic devices, which ultimately was rejected by the judge as the regulatory framework. The reason is the duty of the courts to be guided solely by the adopted acts, avoiding laws and expanded interpretations of the law.

The company’s representatives in Russia with the decision of the judge of the Arbitration court, disagree and plan to challenge it in a higher court. According to the official position of LLC “Apple Rus”, the Apple Watch may not be considered as hours as incapable to display time without connection to the smartphone. “Without synchronization with the parent device of this device to count the time can not” — quoted TASS the arguments of the representatives of “Apple Rus” in court.

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