What would you change in macOS Sierra?

Apple has just released macOS for Sierra Mac, and programmers have already begun developing a new macOS 10.13. At this stage, the developers study the user reviews and developing features and functionality in future OS. We all want to have the opportunity to participate in creating the new platform.


What would you change in macOS Sierra?

This year, by popular demand of users, Apple added to Mac voice assistant Siri. The function works the same as on the iPhone and iPad — it may be asked to set a reminder, send a message, start app, find the weather, etc. to Owners of “smart” watches Apple Watch operating system makes life easier: if Sierra recognizes the device, it will not require a password for login.

IPhone, iPad and Mac appeared shared clipboard, which makes it easy to transfer text, images or even videos using the usual copy and paste between phone, tablet and computer.


macOS Sierra supports the option “Optimize storage”, which automatically migrates to the cloud all the unnecessary files and loads them upon request.

What would you change in macOS Sierra?

macOS Sierra brought many innovations, however, it has the potential to improve. The following is a list of what Apple could add to the operating system of their computers:

  • Full night mode, as on Apple TV.
  • Activate the voice assistant on command “Hey Siri.”
  • A uniform system of search for Siri and Spotlight.
  • Automatic unlocking with the iPhone, not just Apple Watch.
  • Handoff for multimedia files.
  • The function “cache” for file in iCloud for offline access.
  • The ability to exclude large files to sync with iCloud.
  • Improved Split View.
  • More reliable Mac App Store.

What you are missing in macOS Sierra? What features would like to see in macOS 10.13 next year?

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