Which Apple Watch to choose Series 1 or Series 2?

The first full-fledged device, which was introduced by Apple after Steve jobs – the Apple Watch, and today, the market sells both. Watch perfectly bodies can be customized, you can choose the size, color, case material and strap. However, with the release of the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple once again force users to think before buying – and which model to choose? At first glance it seems that the novelty more advantages, therefore it is necessary to choose, but let’s find out whether this really.

Which Apple Watch to choose Series 1 or Series 2?

Despite the fact that will go on sale in 2015, the Apple watch called Series 1, and presented in September 2016 Series 2, there are also so-called 0 Series. This is the original model that was presented in 2014 and went on sale in 2015. After September 2016 were updated on watch Series 1 (different from the “Series 0” only having a dual core CPU), and Series 2, production 0 Series has been discontinued. Therefore it is necessary to distinguish between the “Series 0” Series 1 – it turns out that the old model was updated and given a new name. In other words, if you bought your smart watch in the period from April 2015 to September 2016, then you are the owner of “Series 0” which are no longer manufactured.

Appearance and range

Series 1 should be considered as an “input” device in the Apple ecosystem. Such the Apple Watch sold in four colors (standard colors: silver, gold, rose gold and space gray). Prices range from 24 to 27 990 990 rubles for the minimum configuration, depending on the size of the case. Body only aluminum (previously, this model was called the Sport).

Which Apple Watch to choose Series 1 or Series 2?

From the point of view of the model range, the Series 2 offers a lot more choice – in addition to the aluminum body available in stainless steel, ceramic, as well as Nike+ or Hermes Watch. If you have no particular preferences in terms of design, choose Series 1.


Technically, both versions differ from each other – the “heart” Series 1, is a chip S1P, and Series 2, respectively, S2. The models differ from each other only in the presence of GPS-module, the speed are the same – both use dual core processor. So there will have to be guided by other parameters, in terms of clock speed are identical.

Which Apple Watch to choose Series 1 or Series 2?


Apple Watch Series 2 has an integrated GPS module that allows you to track your movement and Jogging routes without having to carry the iPhone. To track activity not only in the built-in app Activity, but also in third party programs. However, you have to sacrifice battery life tests show that without using the iPhone while working on Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS enabled in training mode is 5 hours, if you use GPS on iPhone – 8 hours. Therefore, to enable the GPS constantly is not recommended – drain the battery faster.

Which Apple Watch to choose Series 1 or Series 2?

If you plan to use the Apple Watch for sports (and this is something that promotes the company), then choose Series 2. Otherwise, you will have ample opportunity Series 1.

Water resistant

If you go to the pool or diving, the watch will surprise you – you can swim in the Apple Watch Series 2 to a depth of 50 meters. The Apple Watch Series 1 boasts of only partial resistance in accordance with the standard IPx7, which allows them to stay under water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. Practical experiments showed that in Apple can take a shower, wash under running water with soap and even swimming. However, we recommend not to risk and to practice water sports, it is better to choose Series 2.

Which Apple Watch to choose Series 1 or Series 2?

The brightness of the screen

Series 1 is equipped with the same OLED display as Series 0 450 nits (for comparison, the brightness of the computer display ranges from 200 to 350 nits). In Series 2 the screen brightness is 1000 nits is the brightest screen offered by Apple. This is done to ensure that the image was clear even in the sun. Therefore, in terms of display has the advantage Series 2.

Which Apple Watch to choose Series 1 or Series 2?

Weight and materials

There is a slight difference between Series 1 and Series 2, when it comes to weight and size. Series 1 weigh the same as Apple Watch Sport – from 25 to 30 g depending on the model chosen, the thickness of the device – 10.5 mm. Series 2 is a little bit thicker at 11.4 mm, weight ranges from 28,2 34,2 g. In the hands the difference in weight is not felt, but this is true only for models with aluminum housing. Ceramic or steel version weighs 46.5 grams and 52.4 grams, respectively.

Which Apple Watch to choose Series 1 or Series 2?

Another important point: the steel and ceramic version of the Series 2 protected by a sapphire crystal, while the Series 1 and Series 2 Sport a less durable glass Ion-X.

Actually, here you need to understand why you buy the watch. If for sports activities or fitness, your choice of the Apple Watch Series 1. They are a little smaller and lighter, and not so much consume the battery while running is more suitable for Series 2 because of the built-in GPS. If you need a great tech accessory, then look at the more expensive Apple Watch Series 2.


The starting price of the Apple Watch Series 1 – 24 990 rubles for the version of 38 mm and 27 990 rubles for the model is 42 mm. of the Device from the line of Series 2 starts at 33 990 rubles. The same are Nike+. The starting price for Apple Watch Edition – 115 990 rubles, the basic version of Apple Watch Hermès will cost 102 990 rubles.

Which Apple Watch to choose Series 1 or Series 2?

For some of us to the Apple Watch Series 1?

In the first place, these watches need the user not yet familiar with Apple products – they are relatively cheap, but quite efficient, they work great all functions and applications. And they are lighter and thinner than the Series 2.

For some of us to the Apple Watch Series 2?

For people who want something more unique. For this Apple offers a wide variety of casings, colors and straps. If you are an active athlete, swimmer, businessman or consider myself a bright, talented person make a choice in favor of the Series 2.

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