Why Apple will not abandon the audio Jack in the iPhone 7

Why Apple will not abandon the audio Jack in the iPhone 7


Recent speculations that Apple’s 3.5 mm audio connector in future iPhone 7 does not have any serious grounds. And there is direct evidence.

New iPhone 2016 model year should be a truly innovative device not only in hardware but also in appearance. Typically, Apple updates the design of their smartphones every two years, but because “seven” promises to be a true embodiment of the most daring design fantasies johnny Quince and his players. But the rejection of audiogate is too much even for the innovators from Cupertino.

The vast majority of music lovers have their own Arsenal of really high quality headphones that provide excellent sound. It is, oddly enough, not in the last turn depends on direct contact “ears” to the head unit via a cable connected to any connector. But the transition to the universal Apple Lightning headphones would likely freak out music lovers around the world, transforming their accessories in the “pumpkin”. Perhaps the risk of losing a good part of the customers is too large and is not justified absolutely nothing.


If you don’t believe in Apple care about their own fans, believe in her caring about their own interests and financial success. One of the most hyped headphones in the world Beats, which is a direct product of the “fruit” of the company and operating through a direct connection to the device via a 3.5 mm Jack, will lose all their relevance. It is unlikely Apple will go for such a rash step, realizing substantial material loss.

However, there is another reason that rejection audio output is not necessary. Most likely, Apple will be able to cope with the task of reducing the size of the iPhone 7, while maintaining the 3.5 mm Jack. Even if the new product losing weight at a millimeter, no fundamental design changes that do not require. Remember the iPod Touch, whose thickness is 6.1 mm And it has a much-needed practically all the slot.

PS Where much thinner?!


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