Why I turned off dark mode in macOS Mojave

Two and a half month I am using macOS Mojave. During this time I realized that the dark mode has no sense. On the contrary, it brings more problems and some of them can’t be fixed.

Why I turned off dark mode in macOS Mojave

When Apple announced dark mode at WWDC 2018, I was one of those for whom this was the most important change in the new version of the system . The fact that the design is something with which we interact every day, so even a slight change attracts attention and can affect the experience. And when the system completely changes colors, then it is at least curious.

Before introducing dark mode, Apple showed a dynamic Wallpaper that changes depending on the lighting. Of course, it’s a good feature, but her work has a few claims. First, the system does not consider the location when changing the Wallpaper. This leads to the fact that in places where it gets dark early, shows bright. Detail, and the attention draws.

Ideally macOS should change the Wallpaper based on the sunrise and sunset. Then everything will be fine. I would like to see this change in future versions of macOS.

Second, the dynamic Wallpaper is actually more than just pictures that change each other. As planned by Apple, bright image suitable for light themes and dark for dark. Only trouble is — the system is not able to automatically switch themes. Fortunately, there are some life hacks (first, second) that allow you to make a quick change of topics. It is not clear, what I was thinking at Apple when he refused to automatically change themes.

Use a regular Wallpaper for the two — not the best solution. Very hard to find a beautiful image that is perfectly blended with light and dark theme. It may seem that this is just a quibble, but it’s not. If set bright Wallpaper, dark Windows look ridiculous, I want to change back to your usual design.

But even if we assume that the dynamic Wallpapers are working perfectly, and the dark theme is switched on at the right time, there is a third problem sites and programs. Many popular programs already support dark mode, and some (Google Chrome) it will soon get. Unfortunately, the designers had different understandings of what should be a dark background. Clever use of color standard Apple applications, implement your other shades, which all look not very organic.

With sites all sad. The developers rarely add themes. At first glance it may seem that to make the dark theme is easier, but replacing the background color and fonts is not enough. In the process of redesign there is a large number of small elements, which also must be redrawn under the new design. Not every company will do it.

Why I turned off dark mode in macOS Mojave

And this last time finally convinced me that the sense in dark mode no. You can put up with Wallpaper, with different background programs, but with white sites on a dark background never. On the idea of Apple’s dark mode helps to focus on the content, but in real life it causes more trouble than good.

For example, when I open a night document, spreadsheet, website or presentation, the focus is the large white object surrounded by black background. If I interacted only with dark, a white content will be unpleasantly dazzling, so I turned off dark mode.

If your eyes get tired at night, it is better to use a Night Shift. Then the picture will be nice, and the eyes are less tired.

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