Why Jonny Ive doesn’t drive yourself

Why Jonny Ive doesn't drive yourself

Perhaps not the most interesting fact from the life of Jonathan Quince, which, however, carries a deep meaning, I’m sure the Leander Kani, the author of the book about the main designer of Apple. Wanting to get to the essence of the phenomenon, the writer found that this commonplace habits have a “double bottom”. It is connected directly with the work on the Apple Car.

“… It reminded me of the time when I started writing the book and interviewed the company’s designers, who worked with YWAM, recalls Kani. They explained to me that before you start designing a new product, Apple decided to start the survey with each other.

For example, instead of looking at a clock frequency of the processor or screen resolution, they argue, should look like the final product and must feel that the user possessing them. Is the case and it got me thinking, why johnny prefers to use the chauffeur service, and not to drive yourself?”.

According to Linder, Ive just “saving up” feeling “mental” driving, which is absolutely impossible, when you sit behind the wheel personally. Why? This may be due to rumors about a possible Apple Car equipment auto pilot system, which shouldn’t be seen as a potential driver of something supernatural. The other view says that the car, on the contrary, consolidates the best ideas about independent and safe driving.

Interestingly, both theories are inconsistent with the fact the incredible passion of Jonathan, which he feeds to the cars. As a teenager he and his father were engaged in the restoration of vintage cars. When he came upon the idea of a designer future. However, Ive never dreamt that he would have to “draw” the computers and phones, but the pursuit of youthful ambition can live in it to this day.

According to official data, in the personal garage Quince “gathering dust” Aston Martin, Land Rover and Bentley, which, however, Joni manages independently and with great reluctance let the wheel driver. Why? Feelings above all else, and bequeathed to the deceased jobs.

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