Why moving production of the iPhone in the US is now meaningless

Why moving production of the iPhone in the US is now meaningless


The government of the people’s Republic of China, assessing the explicit attitude of Donald trump on the transfer of production capacity to Apple in the US, has announced the provision of significant financial benefits. This is with reference to sources in government agencies, the newspaper writes The New York Times.

“According to confidential data obtained by The New York Times directly from the interlocutors in the government, the Chinese authorities are seriously concerned about the prospect of losing the title of “Apple” powers, and therefore ready to go even on the most significant concessions,” the report colleagues.

Government incentives, in question, will include funding for the construction of the new plant worth more than 600 million dollars, reduced electricity costs, and – most importantly – the release of Apple from the taxation and similar levies for the next five years.


Chosen by the Chinese government policy will create certain obstacles in the way of Donald trump, Apple declared a national treasure and instructed his administration to address the issue of creating production capacities for the Assembly of the iPhone on the territory of the United States.

Apple Inc. is the most important source of income for China, explains The New York Times, against which even such a significant concession authorities seem to be quite justified. This local market not only deprive the state budget of multi-million dollar income, but hundreds of thousands of jobs.

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