Why USB-C can replace Lightning iPhone

Why USB-C can replace Lightning iPhone

One of the most debated questions about the new iPhone now — how your phone will charge. And it’s not about wireless charging (with this we seem to have resigned), and the type of connector that will be mandated to be responsible for this functionality. Yes, we’re talking about USB-C.

Rewind time a few years ago. Then, in 2012, Apple introduced its first with Lightning connector — iPhone 5. Why, it was just Lightning? The answer is simple — there was little choice: either to leave the 30-pin connector (not an option due to its size), or to equip the phone micro-USB. But that being said, not the way Apple is to go on well — trodden by other manufacturers track.

Therefore, engineers had to create a new connector which would meet the needs of users and would remain reliable for several years. It happened even iPhone 7, the company uses the socket, created 5 years ago.

Now the situation is different. Was born the USB-C, which can be called a true alternative to the Lightning. He is not worse, but something even better connector from Apple: the company and understand it, that’s why they equip their latest laptops. The main advantage of USB-C — universality, and the latter is very much appreciated among the customers.

So if in 2012, Apple engineers had no choice, now he is, with alternative and good quality. And if Cupertino does not want to bother with a connector like “Lightning 2” (similar to Thunderbolt), a new generation of iPhone could come with a new USB-C port.

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