Why you should not wait for an updated Thunderbolt Display

Why you should not wait for an updated Thunderbolt Display

If all these years you’ve kept hoping for the appearance of the range Apple monitor Thunderbolt Display to 5K, I think it’s time finally to say goodbye to illusions. This is quite clearly stated Phil Schiller, the stage of the company’s campus on Infinite Loop. According to a top Manager, now the best solution to display the image with your new MacBook Pro is the 27-inch models from LG with 5K display. Well, apparently, this really is the best of what we could get.

LG UltraFine 5K Display has an incredible IPS display, superior in its characteristics even UltraHD televisions. A distinctive feature of novelty is the peak brightness of 500 nits and color gamut of DCI-P3, used in the production of the iMac 5K, as well as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The monitor is equipped with built-in stereo speakers, webcam and MIC, and therefore will be indispensable not only in work but also at leisure. The novelty will be available for purchase at the company store Apple in December.

As for the Thunderbolt Display, apparently, his story came to an end. Monitor permanently gone from the company portfolio in July and can now only be purchased in retail stores partners. So if you still want to become the owner of “Apple” monitor, we recommend you to hurry because his production was curtailed completely.

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