“Yandex.The browser warns mobile users about paid subscriptions

“Yandex” has registered growth in the number of alerts on mobile paid subscriptions to the websites Yandex.The browser shows to its users. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the head “Yandex.Browser” Roman Ivanov.

"Yandex.The browser warns mobile users about paid subscriptions

If in March of this warning in the day received an average of 6600 iPhone and iPad users in April – 8400 already. That is for the month the number of impressions increased by 30%. As of 26 may, the figure was 8,400 people. The same trend is observed in the Android: back in March, warned about the number of paid subscription users was on average 22 000 per day, and in April – already 33 000 (an increase of 50%).

The average daily number of users “Yandex.Browser” in the iOS and Android platforms have grown in April in comparison with March only by 2.5% (in April it amounted to 2.86 million people, and in March of 2.79 million).

"Yandex.The browser warns mobile users about paid subscriptions

“Yandex.The browser began to warn about web pages that automatically sign the user on a paid mobile services, in December last year. Seeing the warning, people will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses. The decision to launch such a product was made after “Yandex” has begun receiving complaints from users that when opening the browser from a mobile phone they are often subscribed to paid services and from their mobile accounts begin to be charged.

A web page with a paid subscription usually offer something that people often are searching online. The man presses the button and notices a very important detail – the message that the service is chargeable. Moreover, unscrupulous content providers sometimes use small font or color matching the background of the site, or hide the message beyond the screen.

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