10 barbaric ways to kill your iPhone

Modern user’s iOS device is difficult to surprise the standard instructions to increase the autonomy of your iPhone or iPad, methods of memory expansion, and even tips on how to “kill” an expensive gadget. The ubiquitous drop-tests, treatments, and other stuff how boring our spoiled minds that wonder really that already seemed unlikely to succeed. But we don’t think so and we offer you to look at the most sophisticated and barbaric ways to deal with your newly acquired smartphone. Nervous please refrain from watching.

Drown iPhone is the dream of every technologer trying to somehow draw attention to your channel, but you cook it in Coca-Cola comes to mind not to everyone. The guys from TechRax, however, has come.

Bromine, by the way, will cope not worse.

And maybe better iPhone freeze in liquid nitrogen? In my mind, the bravest of the Braves did it with the help of the freezer in his kitchen.

I wish to spoil the smartphone as it did to you? You are unlikely to succeed, because this brave soul just melted iPhone in volcanic lava. What can be more improbable than that?

Bathe him in a “lava” lamp that you have on your desktop. Or…

… To take him to the shooting range. Of course, if you know this, you without question will return a Kalashnikov to kill your boring iPhone 6.

Not issued? Not a problem, borrowed from a childhood friend and his old IZH or Java and try to burn iPhone, arranging it to display “wheel” massage.

Shocked? Obviously not as the iPhone.

All in childhood melted lead? If so, you have enough experience to fill them (or molten aluminum) your iPhone. Why? I don’t know, but the author of the video as it was vital.

Your new iPhone SE hand cut into the sharp edges? Try it out a little to take away. As shown in the video.

Edition AppleInsider.ru warning: the above recommendations are of a humorous character. The entire responsibility for the safety of the devices falls squarely on the shoulders of their owners.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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