10 features Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which could undermine sales of the iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (or Galaxy Note 6) will be one of the top competitors of iPhone 7 Plus. EverythingApplePro video blogger called 10 competitive advantages of the future of the South Korean phablet, which could affect sales of the iPhone 7 Plus.

On the flagship of the American company already know very much, so quite curious to see the confrontation between the future new products from Apple and Samsung.

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 823

Hardly Galaxy Note 7 will have a significant change in design, but the hardware component is likely to change for the better. In the US the sale will go version of the phablet with a processor Snapdragon 823, which is 22% more powerful than the 820 in the Galaxy S7 and performed for 10-nm process technology, which will improve the energy efficiency of the chip. It is unclear how it will work compared to the A10 Apple, but Apple makes really powerful chipsets, despite the fact that they have only 2 cores vs 4 or even 8 in solutions from competitors.

2. 6 GB of RAM LPDDR4

According to rumors, Samsung will install in Galaxy Note 7 RAM module 6 GB at a time, as the iPhone 7 Plus will have to settle for 3 GB. But do not forget that Android requires more resources than iOS.

3. Protection standard IP68

Like Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 7 will be protected from dust and moisture standard IP68, what not to expect from the new iPhone. According to rumors, Apple may unveil its first waterproof smartphone in 2017.

4. Scanner iris

Samsung intends to beat Apple in terms of security, therefore, will equip the next generation Note scanner iris of the eye is the next step after fingerprint scanner. This is not a novelty, some machines today offer a similar function.

5. 5.8-inch screen

Galaxy Note 7 will see a slight increase in the diagonal of the screen to 5.8 inches, as Samsung wants to make more explicit the difference between the rulers and Note edge. iPhone 7 Plus will have a 5.5-inch display. Numerous rumors say that the new screen resolution of the new Galaxy will be 4K. But whether it’s in smartphones, the big question, because the solution utilizes a lot of resources graphics accelerator and battery.

In this matter Apple is lagging behind Samsung, as the company is not even QHD panels. The Korean Corporation is testing as QHD and 4K. The latter will greatly improve the image in the glasses of virtual reality, but Samsung simply may not be ready for it.

6. Slot for memory cards microSD

Expandable memory – something that many were waiting for after the release of the Galaxy S6, which decided such support. In Galaxy S7 manufacturer returned to the slot under a memory card, so you can assume that the Galaxy Note 7 will get it. This Apple will never be able to compete with Android competitors, so in iPhone how to increase memory without an overpayment can only be addressed to the Chinese craftsmen.

7. 64 GB of memory in the basic version

The cheapest model of iPhone 7 will have 16 GB of memory on Board. In turn, the minimum amount of memory in the Galaxy Note 7, according to rumors, will amount to 64 GB. 2 points in favor of Samsung.

8. The battery is 4200 mAh

According to rumors, the Apple phablet will get the battery capacity of 3100 mAh, 1100 mAh less than its main competitor. It is unknown how this will affect battery life and if the unit survive until the end of the day in active use.

9. Camera

About the camera Galaxy Note 7 disagree. Some sources claim that the novelty will receive exactly the same sensor as the Galaxy S7, others claim about improved 16-megapixel camera.

10. USB Type-C

Galaxy Note 7 could be the first Samsung smartphone with a USB port. Such information has already appeared about Galaxy S7, but he remained with microUSB. True or not, hard to say, but in any case, USB-C is a good choice.

Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 Plus traditionally in September, and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be announced Aug 15. Such a move would allow the Koreans to draw more attention to his phone.

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