10 features we want to see in iOS 10

If Apple will remain faithful to the traditions, following company presentation will be devoted to software updates and operating systems including iOS. Today we do not even guess about what new features will appear in the next version of iOS, which will probably be called iOS 10, and many of our readers often say that a company should not work on new features and system stability. Nevertheless, there are several features that many would like to see in the next version of mobile OS from Apple.

The ability to delete all notifications

Very often, the notification Center is going to a huge amount of useless messages. This problem is especially actual for owners of the iPad, that may a few days not to take your device in hand. My iPad collects a huge amount of the notifications for a few days, and it would be great to be able to remove them with one button instead of delete notifications for each day separately.

The control Center

We can customize the notification Center and widgets, but can’t remove unnecessary ones or to add to the control Center. Many users would like to be able to add settings, which they often use in the control Center. For each a list of these settings may be different.


Apple removes the Wallpaper from iOS no less actively than adding new. While everyone will agree that Apple’s remarkable taste and refined sense of beauty. Users want more Wallpapers.

Dark color scheme

In iOS 9.3 mode Night Shift, designed to make life easier for the users using iOS devices in bed. There are different opinions about use of this mode, but all iOS users unanimously agreed in the desire to have a selectable color scheme. If there was the ability to automatically and manually enable dark colour scheme for interfaces operating systems and applications, it would be great.

The ability to hide or delete pre-installed apps

Not all the applications that Apple has created for iPhone, is each of us. Moreover, among us there are those who are sufficiently attentive to the position of the icons on the screen of your device and would like to see nothing more.

New App Store

The app store for iOS needs a new design. Today is not so easy to find new interesting applications, and we are well aware that the company plans to solve this problem.

New iMessage

We like to use the built-in function of sending messages, but now Messages is largely behind third-party messengers. Apple can learn from developers Slack and Telegram. Today the messengers are not just platforms to exchange messages, they turn into real social networks.

Learning new functions

On AppleInsider.ru we try not to miss any new features each iOS upgrade. However, it would be great if iOS itself told users about its new features and trained to use them. Today there is a Tips app, but it’s not too well cope with its task.

Extensions for iPhone and iPad

Apple Watch users can use extensions to add information from different applications on the home screen. On iPhone and iPad, we will certainly be glad to see something similar.

New alarm

Certainly today as an alarm clock you use your smartphone. I use two because alarm clock for iOS too simple. Next to my iPhone is a Android smartphone running alarm clock app developed by Microsoft. It functions much better allow you to keep awake. Many users would also like to be able to set up time for a repeated alarm.

According to the materials of Business Insider

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