10 hidden features of the iPhone that you didn’t know

iOS is simple and intuitive operating system, but progress does not stand still, and every year in the OS there is a lot of new features. iPhone refers to those devices that can be used immediately when turned on, without studying the user manuals and reference manuals. However, even in the “Apple” of the Apple devices have hidden functions.

Delete text faster

When you press and hold the delete button text, speed delete letters in a few moments increases, however, there is a quicker way. If your iPhone supports Touch 3D, simply press the Backspace key a little harder and you will get the same result.

Quick off flashlight

The iOS flashlight is activated from the control room, but turn it off in the same way is not always convenient, especially if you have busy hands. There is an easier way – on the lock screen do a partial swipe to the left: the iPhone will detect it as opening the camera and turn off the flashlight.

Preview of all open pages in Safari

By default, the tabs in Safari are arranged vertically, but it’s not very convenient when you have many open pages. When you browse the web flip your iPhone in a horizontal position and perform a gesture of the fingers and you will see tabs as follows:

How to access Spotlight from any app

Sometimes you need to open the search on iPhone without opening the blinds notifications. Actually, the Spotlight can be quickly launched from any application. To do this in any app, swipe down, but stop when you see and feel a slight vibration. After that, release your finger and you will be taken to a screen Spotlight.

Package tracking

Someone sent you the tracking number of the parcel through Messages? Click the number and hold down until you see the tracking option.

The boot priority applications

If you download an application, click on its icon with the effort, you will have the option to “Prioritize download”.

Infinite zoom photos

iOS allows you to zoom in on photos up to a certain point, but there is a little trick that allows you to zoom images indefinitely. Open the image editor and crop the picture a bit. Then, the page viewing a photo you can zoom in infinitely.

Word search on page in Safari

Most users don’t know that I can look up words on a page in mobile Safari. Type the desired word into the address bar of the browser, but do not press “Search”. Instead, go down the page and you will see the search function with the word.

Close all tabs in Safari

This feature will especially appeal to users who leave dozens of tabs open. Press and hold the button of the view tabs in the right bottom corner of Safari, then click “Close tabs”.

To change the order of the icons on the panel “Share”

If you want to change the order of icons with functions on the screen “Share”, just drag them as you like.

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Clifton Nichols

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