10 iOS 6 beta and iOS 9 compared test performance [video]

On Monday, Apple released iOS 6 beta 10, which includes a number of fixes and improvements. Most of the users iPhone or iPad these changes, of course, appreciated, but main question – did the developers improve the operating system performance compared to previous releases. A new comparative test gives the answer to this question.

After installing beta 10 iOS 6 users discovered that the latest build really started to work faster than previous beta versions. And indeed it is — the improvement is noticeable to the naked eye. The animation was even smoother, apps open faster and overall 10 beta iOS 6 leaves a good impression. Don’t say it’s the iOS version 10, designed for testing.

Held iAppleBytes study shows that iOS 10 equaled the performance with a stable iOS version 9.3.4. And in a number of problems with the beta version works even faster. “Ten” behind only the old models, and only when working in the browser, a mapping application and Apple News in the new OS they were seriously reworked.

It is understood that this is a preliminary version iOS 10 and to the final Assembly Apple engineers definitely optimize the system. To compare the performance of iOS 10 beta 6 and iOS 9.3.4 at the video.

9.3.4 iOS vs iOS 10 beta 6 for iPhone 5:

9.3.4 iOS vs iOS 10 beta 6 on the iPhone 5s:

9.3.4 iOS vs iOS 10 beta 6 on iPhone 6:

9.3.4 iOS vs iOS 10 beta 6 on the iPhone 6s:

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