10 products Apple exclusive, limited series review

Apple produces products for the mass market, and although not all of them easy to acquire in the first months after the start of sales, no uniqueness and exclusivity in them. Despite this, the company has a good reputation so that many would not mind to have a unique product designed in Cupertino. Such products exist, they are very hard to come by, but take a look at them thanks to the compilation from Business Insider.

Embroidered Apple logo

In 1983 Apple worked on the creation of hand-embroidered logos. It was created only 25 of these logos, and they were sold for 350 dollars with the help of the Apple gift catalog. Two more logo has been Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak.

TAM: the twentieth anniversary Macintosh

In 1997, in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the company was presented the PC TAM. This is one of the first works of Joni Quince. The computer is equipped with two speakers and a Bose subwoofer. It starts with a unique sound that cannot be heard in any other device from Apple. TAM was on sale for $ 7499.

Apple IIGS “Woz Edition”

In honor of the decade limited edition was limited to 50 thousand computers Apple IIGS signed by Steve Wozniak on the case. The owners of these machines could send a letter to Apple to obtain a certificate of authenticity signed by Steve Wozniak and 12 leading Apple engineers.

Accessories from Apple

In 1986 it was released a few household items under the brand Apple. At The Apple Collection included an umbrella, a pocket knife, towel, mug and even a clock.

A line of clothing

Also in 1986 you could buy sweatshirts, jackets, shirts, Polo shirts and even baby clothes from Apple.

Golden EarPods

To raise funds as part of the charity Product RED program, Joni Ive has created a unique headphone EarPods made of gold. The owner enjoys their sound for 461 thousand dollars.

Apple Watch with gold bracelet

The company has released a limited number of hours Apple Watch Edition with gold bracelet. They cannot be bought in the store, but can be seen on the arm of Beyonce, Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld.

Product RED Mac Pro

In 2013, Jonny Ive created my Mac Pro in a red case, which was sold in the charity auction for 977 thousand dollars. This is the most expensive computer ever sold.

iPod U2 Special Edition

Together with musical group U2, with whom Apple has a special relationship was created the fourth-generation iPod in black and red case. Signatures of the members of the group were engraved on the back of the case.

Apple Watch Tim Cook

These watches can be purchased only if you personally sell CEO of Apple. It just so happened that Tim cook is the only man whose steel Apple Watch digital crown is decorated with red color. This model is not presented in the Apple stores.

According to the materials of Business Insider

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