10 reasons to learn Swift and develop apps for iOS

In 2014 during a conference for developers, Apple introduced a new programming language Swift. The company is positioning it as a powerful new language for creating apps for iOS and OS X. this year, Apple announced the release of Swift programming language 3.0, where there has been a significant expansion of the port for the Linux platform. To reveal all the advantages of language and to teach how to create mobile apps a free course on Swift service GeekBrains.

Swift easier to maintain

Unlike Objective-C, the development of which depends on C, Swift eliminates the requirement of two files. In addition, method names and comments between the files synchronized automatically, and in General programmers make less ancillary action due to the lack of template work at Swift.

Swift more readable

This language is built on C, it is much easier to read. For example, it is not necessary to put a comma at the end of lines and parentheses to surround an expression inside an if/else. No brackets, Swift like a normal English is much more clean and has a simplified syntax.

Swift does not require a lot of code

The amount of code with Swift is much much slower. For example, to add two strings you can use the ” + ” operator. The language supports string interpolation, you don’t need to remember the tokens.

Swift faster

Apple continues to improve the speed of applications on Swift. Now the language is almost on par with C++ for FFT, and in Cupertino promise that this is not the limit.

Swift safer

Swift raises an error when code is executed when you use the variable nil. This allows you to ease the process of removing bugs, since the programmer solves the problem immediately.

Swift works best with projects

With this language, programmers can differentiate classes or values by using the namespace identifier. This greatly facilitates the inclusion of projects open source.

Swift supports dynamic libraries

One of the most significant changes in Swift transition from static libraries to dynamic. With dynamic libraries, which are actually executable pieces of code, it is possible to attach them to the application. They are in the current version of Swift, in turn, is “associated” with the new versions of the language, as it is constantly evolving.

Swift interactive

Swift Playgrounds, presented not so long ago, allow programmers to test a new algorithm or a graphics routine (for example, 15 of the construction code), not creating a whole app for the iPhone.

Swift fully functional

It’s not just “add-on” to Objective-C, is it a complete replacement.

Swift is the future

Obviously, in the next few years all apps for iOS (and not only) will be created via Swift. And this is the future you can influence. How to quickly learn a new language and become a first-class iOS programmer?

This will help the profession “Programmer iOS” in the service GeekBrains. Developers Swift is now not so much, and experts who know the language very popular in the market. In just six months you can learn a new profession, go through a guaranteed internship and start working in big IT company! The average salary in Moscow and MO for iOS developers speaks for itself.

The training consists of two levels learning Objective-C, database concepts, two levels of learning Swift and team development in companies and projects. 7 out of 10 students GeekBrains find work in the learning process.

The service has partner companies who are considering graduates as interns with the possibility of further employment. In other words, to start a career in IT immediately after training. Summary will still be appropriate.

For those who have long wanted to develop iOS apps, “iOS Programmer” is a great chance to move to his dream. Go for it!

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