10 reasons why Sierra macOS better than Windows 10

Each operating system has its pros and cons. Its peculiarities, which to some it will suit, and someone – not very. Therefore, to switch to the Apple ecosystem needs to be good reasons. Why people are abandoning the PC in favor of Macs? The answer is simple – quality hardware and reliable operating system.

Presenting at the June Sierra macOS, Apple has proven that innovation is possible even in seemingly well-established market for desktop platforms. Below are 10 ways in which Sierra macOS better than Windows 10.

1. Name

The new operating system for Mac computers not only got a new “name” and “surname”. According to tradition, the name of the system associated with the native Apple California: Sierra — the name of the administrative district in the North of the state. Usual for modern Mac user would be the name of the OS X Sierra, however, Apple decided to unify it with the OS for other devices of iOS, tvOS and watchOS. The name macOS Sierra is beautiful and well readable, clearly indicates the purpose of the system.

2. Auto-unlock the computer using the Apple Watch

Continuity – a proprietary technology of the interaction of Mac with mobile devices Apple macOS Sierra supplemented by the ability to quickly unlock the computer using the Apple Watch (without entering password). In order to unlock the MacBook, the owner of a smartwatch now, you can simply open the lid of the laptop. On the screen of the chronometer and displays a notification on the cancellation, which in some cases will allow you to prevent unauthorized access.

3. Copying text on the iPhone and paste on a Mac

Another useful feature Continuity — shared clipboard which allows to copy information — text, image, video etc to the iPhone or iPad, and then insert from clipboard on Mac, and Vice versa.

4. Sync desktop on all computers

MacOS Sierra cloud service iCloud Drive allows you to automatically sync between the devices Documents folder and desktop. This means that all computers that are available to Makovoda operating system looks the same and contains all the relevant data with which he works. Simply save the file to your desktop or Documents folder and they will be with you everywhere, wherever they are needed.

5. Automatic disk cleanup from junk files

Unique feature associated with iCloud — Optimized Storage mechanism, which can significantly relieve the local drive of a laptop by automatically moving infrequently accessed files to the cloud and some other techniques. Technology will free up space for useful files by moving the junk to the remote repository. During the presentation of macOS Sierra demonstrated the operation of Optimized Storage on disk, which was recorded 250 GB was released 130 GB.

6. Purchase in the browser

Many people like to shop online with your Mac with macOS purchases in Safari even easier. With Apple Pay to make purchases on sites that support this feature. Users do not have to enter a credit card number. Simply press the Apple Pay button at checkout and complete the order using Touch ID on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

7. Tabs

For easy work with content in the macOS Sierra has a tab in all applications that support multiple Windows – Maps, Mail, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and TextEdit-and even third-party applications. Tabs allow you to view Maps in several places at the same time, to copy text from one Pages document and paste it into another in full screen mode, or quickly switch between multiple drafts in the Mail.

8. “Picture in picture”

macOS Sierra allows you to work with one window and view the content in another. You can locate a video of Safari or iTunes in a separate window on top of all others while you work and even change its size, drag, or fixed in any corner of the screen. The video remains at the top, even when you are working in another window.

9. Voice assistant Siri

Helped Spotlight search on Mac the files you need since its introduction in 2005, but this way of searching a thing of the past with the advent of voice assistants. MacOS Sierra appeared Siri accessible from the Dock from the menu bar or using the keyboard. Feature allows you to use voice commands to search for different information or files, and send messages. For example, you can ask Siri to find a file you worked on in the evening, add a calendar appointment or call for FaceTime. You can even modify system settings, set reminders, and search photos in your library.

10. Photo App

In Sierra macOS pre-installed branded application Apple to work with Photo images. In the new OS it automatically creates in your favorites collection. The program uses a special technology of recognition of persons, objects and places, as well as geolocation data and can group images into albums depending on the people, objects and places depicted in them. The function of People automatically groups photos into albums based on who they are.

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