10 reasons why the iPad Pro is superior to your Mac

iPad Pro, went on sale recently, was intended to replace most of the functions of familiar desktops and laptops. Tim cook himself said earlier, he was able to abandon his MacBook, reseeding on a 12.9-inch tablet. We in the editorial AppleInsider agreed that the iPad Pro is a device great, but very ambiguous. However, there were as many as 10 reasons why it is much better than your Mac.

The lack of active cooling system

If you’re a longtime fan of laptops from Apple, you probably are familiar with the fan noise, distractions from work. As a rule, the owners of MacBook Pro Retina often face this problem. Heavy load and demanding tasks provoke the system into more active operation of the fan to avoid General overheating. iPad Pro, in turn, are equipped with passive cooling system, and therefore no noise or heat dissipation of the housing you will not experience even when working with 3D animation or the installation of 4K video. Of course, 12-inch MacBook is also devoid of built-in coolers, but if you remember, the iPad Pro was much more productive.


Due to the use of mobile CPU, which, incidentally, is not inferior to desktop solutions, the iPad Pro is capable to work without charging much longer than the average laptop. Even in the mode of “typewriter” from the connected Wi-Fi no MacBook will not be able to pull 10 hours “tablet” shows in your video. To mind again comes the “new” MacBook Retina, which is kind of a springboard for running a “semi-mobile” technology, but here it is slightly behind the tablet.

The LTE module

What a pity that the MacBook is not equipped with a slot to insert the SIM card that came would be very handy for those who like travelling and mobile Internet. Here iPad Pro has become the preferred gadget for those who can not sit still, preferring always to have the ability to access the Network. Of course, you can carry 3G/4G-modem or “rassharivat” Wi-Fi through your smartphone, but agree that it is not so convenient. Built-in LTE-module is a real “killer-feature” tablet PC.


Yes, the author was not mistaken. It is the “iron” stuffing the new iPad Pro is one of its main advantages over conventional laptops (Apple and not). With your permission, your humble servant will mention again the remarkable capabilities of the processor AH when editing video in 4K. Not every MacBook with honor to fulfill such a demanding task. And recent tests showed that the mobile chips are very close to solutions from Intel Core i series.

Lightweight and portable

Another controversial issue that can seem far-fetched. Perhaps, in comparison with the familiar iPad Air and iPad mini Pro looks bulky and clumsy colossus with feet of clay. However, even the proverbial 12-inch MacBook, which we mentioned, is even less coherent and easier than the tablet.

Perfect companion for iPhone

We have already acquainted you with the assumption of analysts that iPad Pro ā€“ as strange as it may sound ā€“ is not an independent device, and is intended to complement the functionality of the iPhone. The reality is that not to recognize this fact at least partly simply will not work. First of all, many apps from the App Store are universal, which means that once purchased the game will accompany you on all your iOS devices. Second, using functions Handoff and Continuity, you have the opportunity not only continuity, but even make full calls on GSM.


Despite all the shortcomings of the mobile operating system, the iPad is able to instantly launch any installed application. Moreover, iOS is set up so that you have absolutely no need to monitor open apps. The system will stop all background processes and thereby saves the battery of your device. This is unlikely to be under the power of a MacBook on OS X.

Game console

It just so happened that not all game developers strive to adapt their applications for OS X. But iPad Pro (like any other iPad) directly intended for amusement. The virtual shelves of the App Store is literally bursting with an abundance of games for every taste. You will meet as a casual toy, and more serious and developed a title with its own storyline.

Portable cinema

Hardly anyone will argue that the role of the “bedside” of cinema iPad Pro performs the best. With the advent of tablets into our lives, no one will drag into bed with your 15-inch laptop. And why? Because now there is an excellent 12.9-inch “tablet” with an excellent quality screen, watching movies on which. Don’t forget about the four stereodinamikami.

Apple Pencil

Despite the fact that branded pen for iPad Pro accessory is a very specific purpose, its existence can certainly be regarded as the most important component of monstrous tablet from Apple. Designed to the last detail “pencil” is a quite noteworthy gadget, endowed with non-trivial possibilities. Recognize the many gradations of depression and angles of inclination, coupled with professional soft Pencil will make a real “must have”device.

In fairness it should be noted that the iPad Pro will still not be able to fully replace the functionality of a MacBook or PC. However, the advantages described above are conclusive evidence that the 12.9-inch tablet will find its consumer.

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