10 secrets of working with the system preferences on OS X

While the major electronics manufacturers show off their products at the exhibition MWC 2016, Apple is preparing for the March presentation and not good news, lots of news. So we have time to carefully examine existing products and discover something new by reading useful advice. In this article you will learn about a few secrets of the app System preferences in OS X.

Quick settings menu from the Dock

Each section of the system settings available by pressing the right mouse button on the System preferences icon in the Dock. Or you can do a long click on the icon.


You can access some settings using the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Option (⌥)F1 or F2 — monitor settings
  • Option (⌥)F3 or F4 — Mission Control settings
  • Option (⌥)F5 or F6 — keyboard settings
  • Option (⌥)F10, F11 or F12 — sound settings

The secret button “Show all”

Making a long click on the button “Show all”, you will be able to get to any settings. This is useful if you set multiple parameters in different sections.

Use the search

If you don’t remember the exact name of the configuration section in which it is located, you can use the search. As search terms, you can’t just write a rough setting name, but even to describe in your own words what you want to achieve by changing the setting.

Look for settings in Spotlight

As in the previous paragraph, you can find the setting you want, even opening the System settings. To search, use Spotlight, provided that in the settings of Spotlight search is enabled on the system settings.

Hidden partitions

You can hide some sections in the application System settings. To do this, simply select “Customize” in the menu “View”. You can remove the checkboxes from those sections that you do not want to see, and then put them in the same menu, if necessary.

Organization in alphabetical order

The default sections settings grouped by category. If you are for some reason uncomfortable, in the “View” menu you can choose the alignment in alphabetical order.

Deleting partitions

Third-party apps can add their own sections in the system settings. Sometimes created partition does not disappear even after uninstalling application. Fortunately, simple click the right mouse button you can delete unnecessary partition, created a third-party application.

Change settings system-level

Some items of system settings are displayed in gray and cannot be changed. These items are only available to the administrator. In order to change one of these items, you will need to click on the lock icon and enter an administrator password.

Help on the way

If something in the system settings menu you don’t understand, just use the menu “help”.

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