10 shortcomings of the new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad 2 251 review

New peripheral devices presented recently, along with the iMac, all good. Finally they are integrated, rechargeable battery. They got a new more attractive design, and, of course, we cannot forget the support Force Touch. However, they are not without drawbacks. Here is a list of 10 problems that have found colleagues from the iDB, and their only support.


Magic Keyboard — 8690 roubles, Magic Mouse 2 — 6490 rubles, Magic Trackpad 2 — 10 490 rubles. Together all this fun will cost 25 670 rubles. The owners of Windows PCs, using normal keyboard and mouse, this price is on the periphery and could not cross my mind. We are used to high prices on Apple products, but customers in the United States is also angry. New peripherals became $ 100 more expensive than the old one.

Old peripherals are not available

For those who are not willing to spend more, the only option is to use peripherals from other manufacturers, as older devices from Apple have become cheaper, they just stopped selling.

Lightning-the Magic Mouse in port 2

That the new mouse is equipped with a Lightning port for charging and PC connection is good. But why this port is placed at the bottom? The obvious result of this decision — you will not be able to use the mouse while charging. Good she needs to gain charge very quickly.

The lack of a numeric keypad

Many, like me, so used to type numbers using the numeric keypad that its absence becomes a problem. The new Magic Keyboard it is not. It can be purchased separately, but it will be hard to stand out among the trio of upgraded peripheral devices from Apple.

No backlighting

Nothing wrong with that, but we hoped that it would.

The lack of Touch ID

We have forgotten how to enter a password on iOS devices. Could and forget how to do it on devices running OS X.

The lack of USB port-C

USB-C is the only port which the owners are content with a 12-inch MacBook. This is the port of the future, but forgot about it in new peripherals. The future will not come soon?

The keyboard and trackpad are different devices

Many owners dream about the Mac trackpad, which is a continuation of keyboard and they can use one device instead of two. For various reasons it can be a pain, but people continue to wait for him.

Bluetooth 4.0

Of course, the most interesting of presents Trinity 2 is the Magic Trackpad with support for Touch Force. Many would be happy to try, including the owners of older Mac. Alas, the devices released before 2012 do not work with Bluetooth 4.0.

Only El Capitan

Want to have the latest devices — don’t forget about the fresh ON, whether you like it or not.

According to the materials of iDownloadBlog

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