10 things that became unnecessary with the advent of the iPhone

Even before the advent of the iPhone, mobile phones started to accrete functions, displacing a considerable number of things without which I never could do. iPhone his appearance has only accelerated the process. There are at least 10 things that would previously have been impossible to do, and now they are all placed in a compact unit made of glass and metal.


Go down to the basement, look in the evening under the hood of the car to find something that fell and rolled under the sofa, much easier if you have a flashlight. It was convenient to carry it with you, but more convenient just to swipe on iPhone screen and make a single tap.


Actually not only watches but also clocks, stopwatches and the timers were not needed, if you have in your pocket has a smartphone. the iPhone will cover all your needs in the time dimension.

Maps and navigators

You can deploy a card during the trip, and this card could block your view. Search in paper map there. You can use a special Navigator for the car or for Hiking trips in the woods or the desert. Today, it’s all there in the iPhone, and use maps and navigation has become much easier.

Money and cards

The people of Russia have yet to fully experience the thrill of using Apple Pay, but in the future, we hope that iPhone will replace your wallet with cash and credit cards. The process is already running.


The recorder in iPhone for those who use it from time to time, and professionals. Of course, journalists have a special professional device, but there is also a range of additional microphones, compatible with iPhone.


Small pocket mirror will allow at any moment to fix my makeup. It may not be with you but an iPhone with the front camera you probably take with me.


The tickets were electronic. Today, you can safely go to the airport or the cinema with just your smartphone.


For fans the iPhone camera is able to satisfy all requirements in taking photos and videos. Professionals are able to squeeze out of this camera a little more. Of course, it is always good to have a camera with me, but if not, iPhone will not allow you to miss the right moment for the shot.

Players and radios

Even players from Apple was not to compete with the iPhone. Listen to music from your smartphone is convenient, and even easier with the Internet and subscription music service.

Fee for long distance calls

A huge number of applications for text and voice communication over the Internet caused us to forget that communication can be expensive.

According to the materials of Business Insider

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