10 tips to make a perfect photo for iPhone

Modern users take off on smartphones more than ever before, and sales of “real” cameras have fallen to a minimum. At first glance, to take pictures with your smartphone – very simple, but for simple photo food became something more durable, you should use the following nine tips.

1. Wipe the lens from dust that stuck in the pocket, and fingerprints. It’s amazing how rarely people do that, given that photos from behind the dirty lenses blurred.

2. Always focus on shooting situation, noting your finger on the screen the most important part. Then the camera will understand you correctly and I will consider it in the focus and adjusting the light.

3. Play around with exposure time and separate the object from the blurred background. iPhone 7 Plus lets you do it with standard tools. If your model does not allow that, will help FabFocus or app Tadaa SLR. With their help you can create photos with the effect of SLR cameras. Advanced capture settings possible app ProCamera 9.

4. If the colors, brightness and contrast of photo taken by the smartphone seem to be “flat”, then these settings can be changed using the appropriate applications. This will help the apps Snapseed or Photoshop Express.

5. Block colors. Using app Touch of Color on black-and-white photo to keep the color one or more parts. This allows you to emphasize important elements and to obtain a unique result.

6. Do not use digital zoom. If you want to remove is located at a great distance object, do not use the zoom and walk closer to him or increase the desired part of the picture in post-processing photos. This will allow you to achieve higher quality. On iPhone 7 Plus is available two-times optical zoom.

7. Use additional lenses. The Network can be ordered to attach to the iPhone external lenses – from fisheye to wide-angle.

8. Experiment with digital filters. In Instagram there are a lot of filters and, for example, the Pho.to allows to simplify the picture of people and automatically receive a much more interesting result. And it does not have to study in high school or take courses in photo processing. And the Foodie app allows, thanks to the filters, especially the delicious food photos.

9. In relation to smartphones also has the most elementary rules of composition – rule of thirds. Mentally divide the screen into thirds horizontally and vertically, as in TIC-TAC-toe and place the subject at one of the points of intersection of these imaginary lines. Photos turn out much more interesting and dynamic than just the “subject” right in the center of the screen. If in the photo there is a horizon, then it too is better off not in the middle of the screen. The iPhone camera is a minor mode in which during recording the screen itself is divided into thirds.

10. The second classic of the composition – the empty space in the photo. If you want to get artistic photos in which the person or object will be particularly highlighted, choose a neutral background or a background on which little detail. This is great for a cloudless sky, the surface of the water, field or wall of the house. Usually mobile phone most pictures removed at the level of the human eye. If you change the height or angle of the shot, the photo will be more interesting.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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