10 years Apple Emoji: Emoji 10, the value of which you might not know

In honor of the decade the Apple Emoji we decided to gather ten of the most interesting Emoji and tell what they mean really.

Every day, users around the world send each other millions of different Emoji. But the value of how many of them we know for sure? We collected ten different images, the meaning of which is not what we had imagined.

It seems that angry Emoji, and out of his nose (which is not) are pairs of anger and indignation. Actually it is not: the icon indicates a celebration or a victory over someone in a competition. It can be used after a victory in a dispute or a major achievement or success.

The young man who came up with the idea? Not at all. In fact, this Emoji represents an apology. According to the creators, his character bows and asks for forgiveness. Perfect for those occasions when you do in front of someone is guilty and want to make amends.

Perhaps one of the most mysterious Emoji in iOS. However, everything is simple: this is a Japanese cake made of fish. However, its scope is very narrow, after all, a dish not every day able to eat.

I bet when it comes to surprise, this Emoji fits like nothing better. But, alas, his real value is the reaction of consent, of solidarity. It can be used when you agree with your interlocutor or something agreed with him.

No, nothing to do with space this star has not. It is a dizziness – for example, from delight or fear, or just feeling ill. On the morning after Friday the most.

Surprised kitty? Kitty – Yes, but instead of surprise he shows fatigue. Suitable to describe their condition after hard working day and to describe their cat decided to take a NAP on the couch.

Here too not all so is simple – especially when you consider that the disappointment here is no question. This Emoji shows fatigue. It can be used for those cases when the work is not yet complete, but the body gives signals about the necessity of rest.

One of the most obvious Emoji. In fact, he shows the victory sign – it says formed a V-shaped sign. It should show after receiving great discounts on Origin’s “Black Friday”.

This Emoji does not mean welcome or not knowing something. Its value is the most boring of all: it’s just the girl behind the information counter. However, she looks great in the posts where you ask for advice.

A shame? Pain? Actually there is a tenacity and desire to win. Use it when you really want someone to prove something.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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