1000 and 1 way to sleep with a stolen iPhone

The English media are full of advertisements about the missing Apple technology, because many owners are very attached to their devices and for them the loss of a smartphone or tablet is a real tragedy. However, those who failed to buy the gadget, ready for him at all.


Florida courier international retailer Amazon has been arrested for trying to steal iPhone X. At the time of adoption of the order, the owner accidentally left the phone on the porch. The delivery guy decided to pick up the phone, however, was recorded by surveillance cameras installed on the site.


Indiana woman accused of stealing more than 1,000 new iPad from the iT center. When the police caught her and charged, she pretended to be mute. Later forensic examination denied her illness, however, the defendant continued to represent the patient. She was also accused of cashing retirement checks neighbor.


An elderly man in a wheelchair stole a iPhone in one of the American shopping network Kroger. The incident was learned only much later, when I conducted another check of the security cameras. To identify the culprit so far failed.


In Virginia, a thief turned unrecognized photographer. The attacker stole a car along with lying in her smartphone. He decided not to sell the device, and to keep it. When the offender took a few photos, they are automatically put in the attached phone it iCloud storage, access to which was from the present owner. Now the police are trying to identify a handicap by using these photos.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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