11.11 sale on Aliexpress – another trick or really large discounts

As you know, by November, the entire civilized world began to scrunch pieces of paper and frantically to remember details of Bank cards – because the start of a powerful sales, where you can buy some important equipment for a half and then a quarter of the price. The famous “Black Friday”, immortalized in several movies and legendary series “South Park” that attracts buyers like a magnet – but is it all well with this tradition.

Actually, the reason for this text was not the classic “Black Friday” (the end of the month), a Grand sale, which started today, November 11 at 11:00 GMT on the world’s largest online retailer Aliexpress. Half of the products on the site already hung attractive discount, which opened this Friday. We decided to find out whether it’s worth it, and if so – how can further save by spending this important day even less.

It is no secret that a number of sellers ahead of big discounts safely raises the price by one third – and then generously cut this margin, and the result is, at best, the same price. Some savvy retailers on the largest online have done so – in particular, a second-hand iPhone 5s for the “discount” of 15 000 is now the price is hovering around 25 000. Of course, it’s not even a veiled lie. But not all sellers on Ali are.

See. Here is the phone the Xiaomi Redmi 3S the length of the screen in inches. In normal times, it will cost almost 11 000 roubles – the normal price for a good Chinese smartphone. But during the sale it can be bought for 800 rubles 8 – understand the difference. Go ahead. For example, Meizu M3S with 16 GB internal memory now its value is equal 8225 rubles. But when starts the sale, the phone can be bought for 6580 roubles.

For example, you don’t need a phone, and need a controller. Well. On Ali is omnivorous controller GameSir G4S – this thing can be managed as games in the phone (there is a special stand for the device), and console and computer works. Now the controller is 6,500 rubles is expensive. But today you can “grab” for 2369 roubles – and this, for a moment, cheaper than a wired controller from the Xbox 360, the functionality of which is five times lower.

As you can see, save this Friday do you can – the main thing is not hanging ears and carefully look around. Of course, nobody will give the new iPhone 7 for 20,000 – this product does not need additional discounts. But a number of things still possible to buy, paying for them worth much less. Now let’s tell you about another way to save your money.

We already wrote about the cashback – but as it is a novelty in Russia is relatively unfamiliar, refresh your memory. Cashback is when you are refunded part of the purchase price. The procedure is well mastered Western firms and, for example, banks; we have it is gaining popularity. Means that you buy something in store, going there by the link from the cash back service for the customer store returns a percentage of profits to the service, which, in turn, gives a part of you. Here is the cashback. Let us consider an example of service LetyShops.

Let’s say you visit the service, are registered in the system and then go to Aliexpress – optimally in this Friday to combine all ways of saving time. Acquire, for example, the Redmi 3s for 8,800 thousand. The seller in gratitude LetyShops for the client returns part of the money – you will get 5% of your purchase. Thus, you’ll be back in the area of 450 rubles – the total price of the smartphone will be 8360 roubles, at normal cost, recall that in 11 thousand roubles. You can also increase the cashback up to 7.5% for this you just have to install the extension for your browser. It turns out, the phone and all you will get for 8140 roubles. That’s all, no extra movements – and the savings are tangible.

And through LetyShops you can try your luck. The thing is that between all the users of the service that the day of the sale will receive 100 $ cash back, will be played on half a million rubles. In addition, a separate raffle and prizes – if you 11 Nov something buy on Aliexpress (through LetyShops, of course), you will automatically participate in the draw 90 cool gifts, from sports bracelets to drones and tablets.

Now you know how to make the sale 11.11 – Aliexpress enter through LetyShops and save money and win prizes of 1 000 000 rubles!

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