11 reasons to buy the iPhone 6S instead of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X

IPhone 6S were really good. This smartphone was released more than two years ago, but Apple still sells it. And this is for a number of reasons.

iPhone 6S compared to iPhone SE the iPhone 7. It is time to compare it with iPhone models submitted in 2017 — iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Externally, the iPhone 6S is almost indistinguishable from the iPhone 8, especially if you look at the front panel.

There are at least 11 reasons to choose the iPhone 6S instead of the new flagships:

iPhone 6S more affordable

If you compare prices, the iPhone 6S is 35 990 rubles up to 51 990 depending on the model and size welcomed storage.

And is the cost of new smartphones that are sold in the Apple Store or from official retailers. Buy a used iPhone 6S can be even cheaper.

For comparison, model 2017 cost from 56 to 91 900 990 rubles as well depending on model and memory.

Besides the fact that the price gap varies from 21 000 to 40 000 rubles, the iPhone 6S do not need to wait for almost a month. The smartphone is available for sale on the Apple website and offline.

IPhone 6S have a larger selection of colors

iPhone 6S offers a choice of 4 colors: gray space Gray, silver, gold and rose gold.

iPhone 8 available in silver and gold colors, and also in the shade of space Grey. However, “space Grey” live like “Black onyx” iPhone 7. And the gold color of the iPhone 8 may appear pale pink.

iPhone X was restricted to just two body colours: silver and space Grey.

iPhone 6S very similar to the iPhone 8

And even has similar characteristics.

The metal body is not as easy to damage as glass

Durable glass iPhone 8 is covered with cracks due to drops and bumps. Since the rear panel of the iPhone X has no additional strength, the user will not be able to do without reliable cover.

iPhone 6S can be worn as is, damage the metal much harder.

Similar charging rate and time

In normal mode, charging all smartphones are charged the same for a long time, and in some respects even surpasses the iPhone 6S the iPhone 8.

iPhone 6S still working smartly

The IPhone is not slowing down with the release of new versions of iOS. And A9 processor has not lost in the performance and still maintain fast performance of the smartphone.

The main camera is still good

With the help of iPhone 6S you can take great photos. A significant difference between the photos the iPhone is not very evident.

The iPhone 6S is a connector under earphones

So you can simultaneously charge your phone and listen to music with headphones or watching a video. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X protected from moisture and dust. But for users not accustomed to take the iPhone into the bathroom, the lack of standardization IP67 is not a serious limitation.

For those who have purchased expensive wired headphones, no 3.5 mm connector can be quite annoying factor.

Perfect screen

The iPhone 6S display may be compared to iPhone 8. It still accurately conveys the colors and supports a TrueTone. Perhaps the OLED screen of the iPhone X will be better, but it’s too early to judge.

The software is available for all iPhone

Apple supports the iPhone 6S, so all iOS version 11 will work on it.

Augmented reality?

Despite the efforts of developers and Apple itself, the possibilities of augmented reality that support iPhone 8 and iPhone X is not so great.

For those users who have a smartphone is a working tool, the savings from 21 000 to 40 000 would be a good argument in favor of the iPhone 6S.

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