15 annoying things that should fix iOS 10

As with any major update, iOS 9, last year received a large number of changes and innovations. Despite the fact that Apple strives to improve the usability of the operating system, the company still has to aspire to. Software platform ninth generation has a number of unpleasant features that you must fix in iOS 10.

Some of the features of iOS 9, roughly speaking, annoying. Let not you, so others users ā€” if you, of course, did not include “trash mode”. So, here are 15 annoying OS functions that should be corrected in the new edition of the OS.

1. Copy and paste.

Copy and paste in iOS works very badly. To use the function is not convenient: the menu appears too long, it’s hard to highlight parts of the text “fail” to the clipboard.

2. To simplify the choice of capture formats.

In order to change the format of shooting, the user must close the Camera, open the Settings app, find the Camera, and then the desired option. Format settings is clearly not enough in the program to take.

3. The volume indicator in the center of the screen.

4. Option to clear the app cache.

Application cache ā€“ data is stored in third party programs often eat up a significant portion of the memory device. Some of the long-established of the files already are not useful. However, the possibility to clear cache from user no, just remove the program entirely.

5. To organize the list of applications on bandwidth.

In the section “Cellular” provides a list of applications by specifying downloaded from the network traffic. But apps are arranged alphabetically. There is clearly not enough options to sort by ascending or descending order.

6. To force the developers to specify all changes for updates in the App Store.

Some application developers do not bother to detailed description of the updates your. They are limited to phrases like “We regularly release updates for the App Store” or “We are constantly improving the app, without going into detail. Why would Apple not to oblige the developers to specify all changes in the updates?

7. To simplify the procedure of refund for the purchase.

Apps and games purchased from the App Store, you can return during the day. In this case, the funds will be credited to the user in full. But you will not find buttons to cancel the order in store ā€“ the procedure is much more complicated. This will require the desktop version of iTunes 10 to 30 minutes of free time.

8. Button “Clear all” in notification Center.

9. Indicator Live Photo for pictures in the Photo app.

iPhone 6s can take photos in Live Photo, but when viewing pictures in the Photos app is not specified, which ones are live and which are not.

10. 3D Touch in the control.

11. The choice of ringtones out of the Music.

12. The ability to hide unused applications.

Previously, in order to hide unwanted icons from iPhone and iPad, users had to go to tricks: use tricks with folders to create background images in color icons and even to resort to jailbreaking. With the release of iOS 9.3 have the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary applications, but this is not so simple. IOS not enough for this special configuration.

13. Add night mode.

IOS 9 is no dark mode interface, though the desktop version of OS X Yosemite it is. It is likely that Apple will correct this misunderstanding in iOS 10.

14. Less Intrusive reminders about updates.

15. To increase the distance between the slider and Play button.

Adjusting the sound volume in control center or on the lock screen, you can accidentally turn it on or put music on pause.

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Clifton Nichols

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