15 interesting points from Apple’s earnings report

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Apple reported for the third finkvartal 2016. The company for the second time in history recorded a decline in sales iPhone: 40.4 mn vs 47.5 million Slightly less sunk sales of the iPad and Mac, but this could not save the company from falling profits.

For the period ended June 25, has sold nearly 40 million iPhones, revenue was $of 42.36 billion, and net income of $7.8 billion, All three indicators showed a decline compared to the third quarter last fiscal year. Then Apple managed to sell 47.5 million smartphones, the company’s revenue was $49.6 billion and profit of $10,68 billion.

However, in the reporting period the iPhone sold better than analysts expected on wall street. Speaking after the publication of the financial report with analysts of the investment companies during the call, Apple CEO Tim cook was laconic, and the financial report of the company in the news quite stingy on information occasions.

15 interesting points from Apple’s earnings report:

  • The revenue from the App Store reached the historic maximum (+37%).
  • the iTunes Store set a new record for the number of transactions.
  • Services is now responsible for 11% of total Apple revenue.
  • According to Apple, only one category of “Services” could be in the top 100 companies of the Fortune.
  • In the last quarter, demand for iPhone SE exceeded supply.
  • SE iPhone is popular in both emerging and developed markets.
  • The number of those who have updated their iPhone, was a record this quarter.
  • In China, iPhone’s user base has increased over the year by 34%
  • In Russia the sales of Apple grew more than twice compared to the same period of 2015.
  • 3 out of 4 contactless payments account for Apple Pay.
  • There are more than 11 million POS terminals that support Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay is available in 9 markets, 6 of them are in the top 10 markets for Apple.
  • Apple’s net profit for the last quarter amounted to $7.8 billion, the company has $231,5 billion of cash.
  • Apple has returned to shareholders more than $13 billion through a program of share repurchases and dividends.
  • Apple made 3 purchases in the last quarter.

It is noteworthy that despite the decline in sales revenues from the iPad increased by 7% for the first time in a long time. The reason is in a higher price tag on the iPad Pro.

Apple commented on the situation around the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, assuring that Brexit has not had any impact on Apple: “Yet, in the short term, we do not observe any significant changes in demand in the UK.”

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