15 shortcomings and compromises that did not prevent the iPhone to become the most popular smartphone in the world

Paul Gorodnitsky made a check-list that will definitely piss off the entire Android industry.

In 2007, Steve jobs introduced the first iPhone, and it was a shock: almost all competitors and journalists asserted that the concept of Apple, no prospects, no chances of triumph. Life decided otherwise: after nine years after entering the mobile market, Apple celebrated the sale of one billion iPhone.

The most amazing thing in this story – a long list of seemingly important compromises, not prevented Apple to conquer the world. All of these items below.

1. The iPhone never had more than five keys, and this is assuming the lever silent mode. In all other phones from 2007 had either a QWERTY keyboard or a standard telephone layout. But jobs has declared war on physical buttons – and won it. Now the actual models of all four keys.

2. iPhone never was able to send files to other devices via Bluetooth. At first it was upsetting, and then the option became unnecessary. The Internet has won, and the strategy of Steve jobs worked – so he looked into the future.

3. Still can’t go and put any track as ringtone iPhone. Or have a chore to cut the file for the ringtone, or pay. In 2007, this strategy seemed utopian, but now people either leave the standard melody (the majority), or not steamed and give Apple their money.

4. A bit of a shock content. None of the iPhone never had more battery capacity 3500 mAh. In this case, the simple Xiaomi Redmi put the battery on 4000 mAh. Conclusion: optimization solves. And a little bit of the shock content: none of the iPhone didn’t have a camera with a resolution of over 12 megapixels. Indeed, why?

5. The iPhone user never could change the battery without losing the warranty. In 2007 this soared and criticized jobs, and in 2018 the smartphone seems to cover the top of archaism.

6. The iPhone never had flash cards. But shortage of space too. Apple very wisely increased the upper limit. The first iPhone had 4 GB, and the current iPhone XS Max in top modification accommodates 512 gigs. So, for 12 years, the memory has increased 128 times. Nice! Just wondering, but when will iPhone on a terabyte?

7. The iPhone has never been fast charging out of the box. Until 2017, it was not in principle. For comparison, in Android it is supported for four years. Three of them – everywhere, that is, even in most budget devices. All accessories for Quick Charge are in the package, and the Apple users will have to pay about 7 thousand rubles for the adapter and cable.

8. On iPhone could never throw the music banal copy-paste using conditional Explorer. Yes, we all have become accustomed to iTunes and Apple Music, but sometimes this option is still lacking.

9. The first iPhone had a screen size of 3.5 inches. The iPhone XS Max – 6.5 inch, but multigranosa no device 2007, no flagship this year. Why? It is not clear. Maybe in Cupertino are worried that the iPhone will bite the audience at the iPad?

10. Only in 2018, the Apple smartphone, through a diagonal of 6 inches. For comparison, a 6.4-inch turbohaler Sony Xperia Z Ultra debuted in 2013, five years before the iPhone iPhone XR and XS Max.

11. Only in 2018, Apple took pity and released the dual SIM iPhone. Begged for almost a decade, but just realize that it swims in the Asian market, the Corporation introduced phones with dual slots.

12. The iPhone was never reassign standard applications and to change them on a third party. It is impossible to customize icons (without jailbreak) and record calls. By the way, limit your recording to gradually come and Android manufacturers.

13. The iPhone never had a logo on the front panel, unlike the Samsung, Sony, Huawei and dozens of other brands. It was assumed that the iPhone will be out and no branding. The plan worked 100%.

14. Apple never were enticed with gifts or increased sets. But all the other were magnetic new users discounts, gifts, promotions and other bonuses. For example, Samsung enjoys giving first owners of the new flagships are all sorts of camera and headset, but it does not always help.

15. $ 399 is the minimum price of the iPhone. So cost is the SE model 16GB, which was released in 2016. The average price for a single smartphone exceeds $ 700 is three times more than Samsung, and four than Xiaomi.

In General, Apple has always been greedy, stubborn and principled company, but as we can see, the business success can be achieved even when they go their own way without looking back at competitors. However, there is an exceptional case. We have to admit – Steve jobs masterpiece predicted trends and really changed the story. Hardly in the next few years someone will really create a smartphone, comparable in legend with ruler iPhone.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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