17 small, but attractive features of the Apple TV 4

Judging by the comments on our site, not all readers have already purchased the new Apple TV 4th generation. Someone is using older consoles, and someone with no set-top box from Apple. Maybe not all modern Apple products are really worthy the attention of every, but the new Apple TV is definitely worthy. This article will list pleasant things that make a console from Apple is special. Unfortunately, not all of these will be able to use Russian-speaking users, however, tvOS is developing very, very quickly.

  • If you miss a phrase, or an important moment in film or video, you can one-touch remote to skip 5 seconds forward or backward. You just need to tap on one of the upper corners of the panel.
  • This problem can also help Siri. So far, it doesn’t work in Russian, but in the supported languages, you might ask, “What did he just say?”.
  • You do not have to use the remote that comes with the console. You can use the console from the previous generation Apple TV or universal infrared remote control. Add a new remote settings.
  • In the same settings of connected devices you can connect to Bluetooth headphones or wireless speakers.
  • Apple TV automatically goes into sleep mode, however, holding the Home button on the remote, you can put the console into sleep mode manually.
  • To access additional options while viewing a video, such as subtitles, parts, audio settings and more, just swipe down on the remote while watching video.
  • If you think that a remote for the new Apple TV won’t listen to me you, in the settings of the connected devices is the calibration function.
  • In the Apple TV menu there is ambiguity, as in the iPhone. Just like in the iPhone, you should just press the Home button twice to switch between running apps.
  • The same gestures that the iPhone, you can close the running application. You just need to press Home twice and swipe up.
  • In the account settings you can disable the password prompt when making purchases. It will be helpful to those who govern exclusively on Apple TV with the remote. To enter the password with the remote control very uncomfortable.
  • Siri is able to understand quotes from popular movies and turn on the appropriate film. The phrase “may the force be with you” should work.
  • If in the settings menu “Update software” press the Play button four times, you will get access to the hidden settings for Apple employees and developers.
  • You can enable the screensaver without waiting for it turn on automatically. Just press the Menu button while on the home screen.
  • If in the settings menu “About device” tap on the Play button four times, you will be able to activate demo mode. This mode is intended for demonstration consoles in stores.
  • To restart your Apple TV very easy. Enough to simultaneously hold the Home button and the Menu.
  • If you have a huge library of films in the formats of AVI and MKV, you can install the VLC player on my box and everything you wish.
  • You can also set the Beamer on your Mac and transfer any video to Apple TV.

According to the materials of Business Insider

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