1Password has received the support of Touch ID and Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro

Developers of the popular password Manager 1Password has released a compatibility update for the new MacBook Pro. Now the owners of “professional” laptops Apple may use touch pad and fingerprint scanner, integrated into the Touch Bar.

The creators of the app 1Password has integrated new technology to your Apple product. Now the tool can unlock with a simple touch of the biometric module of the portable computer. In addition, depending on the selected function panel Touch Bar displays different commands.

Using Touch Bar can simplify the implementation of a variety of actions to switch between the safes, and the creation of new cards, passwords, lock safes, selection and generation of the password, viewing the list of stored data, and more.

According to the makers of 1Password, they are proud to be one of the first to introduce support for Touch Bar. Now to gain access to your personal information on macOS Sierra no longer need to enter a sequence of characters – enough to put finger on the fingerprint scanner.

The update is free for existing users of 1Password. Download the app for Mac in the App Store at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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