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When the user gets a choice between portable wireless speakers, the eyes begin to disperse from diversity. But, unfortunately, the majority of them are Chinese fakes with an awful sound of time Motorola T190. It is quite another thing — speaker from JBL by HARMAN, which combines and cool design, and sound quality. One of them, the new Pulse 2, came to us today for review.

This column displays the thrill of the music to a new level, because not only reproduce excellent sound, but also has interactive light and music. But we will not reveal all the cards — soon you will see for yourself.

Column “came” to us in cool packaging, on which the photo Pulse 2 shimmers depending on the light. Before we pulled it out of the box, it became clear: this column from JBL. The premium segment, noble appearance, everything as it should.

Equipment, too rich: in addition to the column, in the box there is a place for the charging cable (used micro USB) and adapters for various kinds of plugs. In case you want to ride through Europe, to visit Britain, and then to go to the USA.

To say that the Pulse 2 looks cool. She looks amazing! Incredibly high-quality performance, flawless appearance in this column all is fine. The sound we still, however, have to verify though the first paragraph is a little slip.

Speaker grilles located on the sides, and the center settled the control buttons and other useful tools. Here you can enable column to activate the Bluetooth mode, to increase or decrease the volume, control the playback and even incoming calls. Yes, Pulse 2 can also be used as a speaker, noise and echo suppression. Lacking in conventional speakers when a call is torn pair with the device.

Just below hid the micro-USB port and an AUX input in case you want to play music via Bluetooth, and via cable? And the sound generally becomes more saturated when using AUX.

What kind of music nor set, Pulse 2 starts to play immediately using their system of light. Yellow, orange, red, blue — you can collect an entire colour palette on your party. Sometimes even forget about the sound and just watched as the column changes its color. An incredible sight.

But the purpose of the other button we kept it close, and did it on purpose. If your hands will be just two columns of Pulse 2, with its help you can connect them together to enable “Party” or “Stereo”. If the sound of one JBL speakers led us into raptures, imagine what happened when next to it there is another.

But the “trick” is not even the fact that we got a full speaker system, but in the interaction columns between them. Using Connect JBL speakers can see each other and repeat the lighting scheme. No additional action by the user is not required, and it’s really very cool. What’s even better — you can choose different modes of light music: so to say, to diversify and “upload” even the most depressing party ever.

The system parameters in light-Pulse 2 can be fully controlled via special color sensor JBL Prism, located at the top. Place the sensor on the color you want, activate it and watch the Pulse 2 increases the surrounding paint. It is enough to bring the column, for example, the yellow shirt or red dress. This we have not seen.

Columns and light-can be conveniently controlled via the JBL app Connect. Just click on the button “Connect” on two columns 2 Pulse to start the pairing process. And then… the magic will begin.

You can choose color themes offered, create your own combination by using swipe — in General, play with this pump you will be very long. It’s hard to resist such a diversity, especially when everything changes in a second, visible on the column. When two or more speakers are connected, it is enough to shake one column in the air, its color is transferred to the other. Well, let’s see?

Produce any sound (e.g. a click or a clap) and see what happens.

Many are afraid that a wireless speaker might at one point off because it did not have enough sufficient battery power. With Pulse 2 you can forget: rechargeable battery 6000 mAh, guarantees up to 10 hours of battery life in playback mode with Lumiere. Even enough for a long party!

Side the Pulse 2 there are two external passive radiator Bass JBL that allow you to only hear bass and see them and even feel. An indescribable feeling.

Well, a nice “icing on the cake” was the protection against splashing water. Don’t be afraid that the speaker get caught in the rain or splashes — in which case it can be washed directly under the tap. Entirely immerse the Pulse 2 in water is not necessary (and for what, exactly?).

The recommended retail price JBL Pulse 12 2 is 499 rubles, and it is worth every ruble spent. You can buy it from an authorized partner JBL, and learn more about column — on the website of the manufacturer.

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