20 cool things you can do with the Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro

On Thursday, Apple introduced a new mobile PC MacBook Pro. The main novelty in laptops ā€“ the same touch-panel, which is called Touch Bar. With its location it replaces the row of function keys notebook but is capable of displaying a variety of information and provide different controls depending on the application.

Depending on what you do on a MacBook, on the Touch Bar automatically displays certain tools. For example, volume controls and brightness control function, photo and video, predictive text input and many others. Due to the deep integration in the OS and the specifics of Apple software developers, such a panel may provide a new format of interaction with the software in many cases.

1. Use Touch ID

Thanks to the fingerprint scanner built-in one Touch Bar can instantly unlock your Mac, use Apple Pay to pay for online purchases, to quickly access system settings and notes are password protected. And one touch to switch between accounts.

2. Productive work with the text

Touch Bar allows you to use predictive text in apps like Messages and Mail. Feature QuickType works like the keyboard on the iPhone and iPad.

3. Receive calls from the keyboard.

Answer iPhone calls and FaceTime calls right from the keyboard, not even moving the cursor.

4. To manage e-mail

If you use the standard Mail app, you can quickly reply, mark emails with a flag and even delete e-mail “one-click”.

5. Manage the file system

When using Finder touch-panel gives you the opportunity to work with Quick Look, to tag, share files and perform other actions with files and folders.

6. To use the function keys

Hold FN on the keyboard, and the panel will appear familiar function keys.

7. Custom actions

Touch Bar can be configured to your discretion. Remove, add and swap controls like volume, brightness, and others.

8. View events in the calendar

When using the Calendar application, Touch Bar gives you the opportunity to browse through all marked the week in the calendar and quickly navigate to scheduled tasks.

9. To use OS functions

Touch Bar allows easier and more convenient to manage operating system functions: volume adjustment, screen brightness and other actions are performed by a simple swipe.

10. To format text

Using the Touch Bar is easier to work with text applications to manage color, choose the font, change the font style (bold, underline, italic). The available actions will appear on the screen after highlighting the section of text. The function works in Mail, Word, TextEdit, Pages, Keynote and many other applications.

11. Installation video

In applications videos Touch Bar makes it easy to manage content. For example, in Final Cut Pro you can navigate the project using the interactive timeline, which is displayed on the panel as a whole.

12. Emoticons

The touch panel allows you to quickly add emojis in apps like Messages and Mail. The choice of emoticons is a simple “flick” left and right.

13. Comfortable surfing the web

The panel allows you to instantly switch between tabs in Safari. Or touch the favorites button to open your favorite site.

14. To control music playback

When listening to music on a Mac panel Touch Bar becomes a multimedia controller with the ability to switch tracks, hit pause, adjust the volume, etc.

15. Choose colors

Any application in which there is a panel to choose color, Touch Bar allows a simple gesture to find the right shade. Especially true for Photoshop or Keynote.

16. To work with photos

Choose photos from your albums, rotate images, apply filters.

17. Programming

Developers can use the Touch Bar in applications such as Swift, which is available to frequently used commands. Now no need to remember shortcuts or browse through the menu to find the necessary action.

18. To Call Siri

For the first time on the Mac keyboard there was a separate button to call your voice assistant Siri.

19. Commands in the Terminal

Not all Mac users use the Terminal. But if you have to work with the command line Touch Bar and simplifies these steps.

20. To create music

Company Algoriddim first added support for the OLED screen in the new MacBook Pro. It’s easier to add effects to make scratching and use transitions when mixing tracks.

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