20 life hacks for iPhone that you need to know

Online you can find a lot of articles about the hidden functions of the iPhone. As a rule, they are only useful to beginners. MacDigger offers a list of truly functional Lithgow, which will be useful in everyday use of gadgets. The article will be useful not only for beginners who are only familiar with iOS, but even for advanced users.

Not read: if you want to read the message so that the sender did not know that you read it, don’t open the message. Open notification Center ā€“ there you will see the entire message, the read receipt the sender will not receive.

Extension number: if you want to call an extension number with iPhone, dial the main number and hold for a few seconds asterisk. After the main number will appear on the screen, the comma, enter the extension number and press “Call”.

The hidden Field Test app: Modern smartphones store a lot of secrets, and Apple is no exception. IPhone available service codes, which you can use to get various information about the gadget, mobile operator and cellular network. A simple call to the number *3001#12345#* you can call up a hidden menu with information on SIM card, network operator, signal strength, etc.

Tracking by track code: in order to track the purchase using the track code, copy the codes UPS, USPS, FedEx and paste it into the note. Click on the track code iPhone will automatically direct you to the appropriate email service.

New emoticons: if you add the Chinese keyboard, you will get many funny emoticons, which diversify the message text. Open Settings, choose General > Keyboard > Keyboards > add New keyboard. Locate and select Chinese (simplified) ā€“ Pinyin ā€“ QWERTY. Open the keyboard in the message text, hold down the “123”, then “#+=”. Among the usual characters, you will see a smiley face. Click on it in the top row of the keyboard will be a variety of facial expressions.

Disabling in-game advertising: no one likes ads. Instead of having to get rid of the banners in games using the in-game payment, do it for free. To do this, open the control room and activate airplane mode. Continue to play without annoying ads.

Fast charging iPhone: if you need to charge the battery of your iPhone, connect your gadget to the power adapter and switch the device into airplane mode. 10-20 minutes will be enough for fast charging of smartphone. Want to charge faster, turn off your iPhone.

Change panorama direction: you can change the direction of the panoramic shot by clicking on the arrow on the screen.

Auto correct: many words have similar pronunciation, but different meanings. Sometimes AutoCorrect does not always choose the correct option. For example, if the word has an apostrophe, but typing it, auto correct suggested homonymous option, double the last letter, and the system will automatically replace the word in the correct variant. So you don’t need to erase the word and type it again.

To find the IMEI or serial number: the serial number of your device can be found by pressing “*#06” call.

Vibrator customization: create your own vibration pattern and put it on the call. Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create new vibration. Tap the screen to create a vibration pattern.

Selfie with the volume buttons: if you have still no monopod and you’re doing a selfie “manually”, use button, adjusting the volume on the side of the device.

Tap instead of swipe: go to next work screen, you can not only swipe, but pressing the point at the bottom of the screen.

Rewind video or audio: if you want to rewind to a certain point, click the playback indicator and drag down. Moving your finger faster or slower, you will find the right time.

Delete digits in the Calculator: if you notice an error in the dialed number, then remove any extreme number, swiping your finger left or right in the input field.

Video sleep mode: on locked iPhone screen: drag the camera icon up to the middle of the screen. Click the video to start recording. Keep filming after the phone will go into sleep mode. All this time keep your fingers on the middle of the screen. This will allow you to record video even if the phone is in sleep mode. Go to video, see what happened.

Rapid switching of characters on the keyboard: instead of clicking the “123” to switch from characters to numbers, press and hold a finger on the “123” and swipe up numbers. Select a number, and you will return to the alphabetic keyboard layout.

Enhancing the volume: almost every user listens to music on the iPhone, but without the headphones the sound is quite quiet. To amplify the sound from your iPhone, place the device in a glass.

Offline maps: if you have downloaded the offline map, the search is enough to write “OK maps” and you will be able to use already downloaded maps in offline mode.

Change the pronunciation of your name: if Siri says your name incorrectly, correct the pronunciation of Siri, asking her “to Change the pronunciation of my name”, after she answer, your name. Say the correct option and select it from the suggested then Siri.

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