2GIS for iOS can now determine incoming calls

The developers 2GIS announced a big update the app for iPhone and iPad. The main innovation in version 4.1.7 was the integration of new features iOS 10, including framework Callkit.

2GIS for iOS can now determine incoming calls

Thanks to the support Callkit app learned to identify incoming calls. The system allows you to identify callers by telephone number: 2GIS defines and tells the caller the name of the company.

To include key rooms, you must go to your device settings –> Phone –> Block. and identification of the challenge and switch the toggle switch opposite 2GIS. You will then run 2GIS with the Internet: take some time to phone booted into the system.

2GIS for iOS can now determine incoming calls

Also the app now has support for Handoff. If the user is logged on multiple devices under one Apple ID, it can, for example, build a route in 2GIS for the PC and continue using the application on the iPhone.

Another innovation concerns the integration of branded Apple maps. If the user is not able to find the object, then the application will prompt you to use the 2GIS.

Download 2GIS for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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