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It so happened that the real game projects rarely visit the operating system macOS. Sometimes, the niche and shareware crafts in the Mac App Store, you come across unique projects. We picked up 3 games in the genre of RPG from Supergiant Games.


Bastion — role-playing game, debut developer Supergiant Games, which has brought them numerous awards and a huge flurry of positive reviews worldwide. The publisher of the game was made by Warner Bros., the release took place on 20 June 2011 for the Xbox 360 later on August 16, Bastion was released for Windows on Steam, then 31 may 2012 the game was released for macOS and Linux.

Players will step into the role of “the kid” (the original voice of The Kid), who suffered a mysterious cataclysm that destroyed most of the familiar world. Strange accident tore the world apart, from which are the levels of the game. Just Bastion for more than 40 gaming locations, hand-drawn, each of which captivates with its visual style.


  • Exclusive game design and game mechanics, which creates a location before the “kid” as you progress, adds new experiences in a familiar isometric genre action / rpg.
  • The soundtrack, which deserves special attention. Carefully selected compositions to the events received a lot of positive feedback.
  • The story as an exclusive feature. During the gameplay you will be accompanied by Storyteller, whose captivating voice will share bits of history and comment on the actions of the kid.
  • Content. The game offers more than 10 types of unique weapons, with the possibility of pumping. 6 buildings for Bastion, which will empower the skills and abilities.

Buy in the Mac App Store for 1150р.

Buy on Steam for 360r.

Buy for iOS for 379р.


The second masterpiece from Supergiant Games — action / rpg set in a science fiction setting. The game was released on may 20, 2014 for Windows, PlayStation 4, macOS, Linux and iOS. The developers turned a second time to break the Bank of high ratings from critics.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Cloudbank. This time have to go through the hard the story of singer Ed, which we represent in the scene with the dead man, whose mind was absorbed by the mysterious weapon, the Transistor. After strange events, Ed loses his voice and begins to hear the mind of the stranger from the Transistor — it will act as a narrator and help through difficult trials. In the course of the story, players will have to confront the organization “the Process” — a group of robots that organized the attack on Ed.


  • Fascinating game world with a unique design. The developers at Supergiant Games have turned usual visual style of cyber-punk and science fiction to a new level.
  • Dynamic combat with the ability to go to step mode.
  • Atmospheric soundtrack that changes as the game progresses.

Buy in the Mac App Store for 1490р.

Buy on Steam for 435р.

Buy for iOS for 379р.


Supergiant Games has demonstrated their vision of post-apocalyptic and cyber-punk universes, it’s time for purgatory. The game was released on 25 July 2017 on PlayStation 4, Windows, macOS and Linux.

In the case with his third game, the developers decided to rethink the conventional mechanics of an isometric action / rpg. Gamers will control three strangers who have to overcome hard trials to break free and leave purgatory. On the way the Wanderers have to win a ritual competition — like sports game in which you need to destroy the enemy’s funeral pyre and not let the rivals ruin your.

The developers managed to bring the story to a unique level. The plot is served in the path from one ritual to another, at night, the travelers stop for the night, during which the redistribution of responsibilities, the training and the conversations between the characters. Supergiant Games put into the game an interesting idea about the defeat, as an integral part of life, this idea turned out to be a mechanic with the ritual competition without violence, but with severe consequences.


  • New universe from the developers of Bastion and Transistor with their own distinctive design of levels and characters.
  • Interesting interactive story with an open ending, where every defeat causes certain consequences.
  • Versus mode, which in addition to the single-player campaign, there is the opportunity to compete in the ritual competition with friends.

Buy on Steam for 435р.

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