3 Lightning-cable that you should buy to replace the standard

Users of Apple technology I can confidently say that their device is thought out literally in every detail, and they will be right. The attention of engineers and designers felt in all the components of Apple devices, ranging from the cooling system of the MacBook Pro, ending with detailed icons of OS X and iOS. However, the quality of some of the original accessories from Apple, to put it mildly, not happy. The first is to mention the Lightning cables that are torn after only a few months after the start of use. Before every Apple user-equipment sooner or later the question of choosing a new charging cable, so today we will talk about three win-win options from the company Canyon.

Canyon CNS-MFIC3

This cable, like all the others, is certified by the MFI program, this means that you can not be afraid iOS system error that is common among owners of low-quality accessories.

The cable has a standard length of 1 meter. Its chip is a very durable wicker covering. The cable looks stylish especially if you choose a similar color scheme with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The choice of strict dark-grey, restrained and elegant Golden Golden-pink color.

The average price for Canyon CNS-MFIC3 according to Yandex.Market — 900 rubles.

Canyon CNS-MFIC2

This cable is coated and wire construction — it’s flat. This is what gives him a few advantages. First, when wearing the bag it never gets confused and is not rolled into a ball. Second, compact fold and is a damn small place. Flat Canyon CNS-MFIC2 should be the main choice for those who are accustomed to wear a wire for charging.

The cost of the meter cable into the blue, gray-blue or red design is about 750 rubles.


Ordinary, but very compact and durable cable CNS-MFICAB01 available in five vibrant colors: blue, white, purple, green and black.

Classic cable, which in white looks like the original cable from Apple. However, the manufacturer gives a two year warranty on its accessories, the owners of classic Lightning-cables can only dream of.

The cost of the high-Canyon CNS-MFICAB01 is from 800 to 1200 rubles, while original, but very unreliable cable from Apple when purchasing from the official Internet store will cost 1590 rubles.

The brand Canyon is a youth brand focused on the fashion of young people aged 18 to 25 years, which are important for their style. The company believes that even such an accessory as cable for smartphone may be not only useful and indispensable gadget, but also a bright accessory for every day. Therefore, in the line of the MFI cables are of different colors, among which everyone can find the cable on your taste.”

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