4 apps that every mobile photographer

Tell how to get the best quality pictures on iPhone.

the iPhone is often criticized for the fact that he shoots worse than their competitors. No advanced HDR+ mode, as in the Pixel 2, there is no way to make vivid and clear photos in the dark, as for Huawei P20.

The fact that the iPhone is set good optics, but it cannot be fully disclosed due to the poor camera software. Pictures often turn out too yellow or fuzzy. But it can be corrected manually. You only need to choose the right software.

4 apps that every mobile photographer


The standard camera in iPhone is very convenient, intuitive and fast. It is perfect for scenarios when you just need put the smartphone, and you click digital shutter. Unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve the maximum quality of photos and makes it possible to adjust the shooting parameters. You have to look for alternatives, and the best of them – Halide. It was designed by former Apple employee and combines the best features of the built-in camera with more advanced settings and shooting in RAW.

About RAW we have already written. It is a format that stores large amount of information about the frame and giving unlimited opportunities for photo editing.

4 apps that every mobile photographer

Actually, this is the main function of the Halide, which will need a mobile photographer, but not the only one. The application has a built-in mini-histogram showing the prevalence of particular tones in the frame. This helps to correctly configure the exposition. There is also a convenient grid to align the horizon. It is, moreover, vibrates the Taptic Engine, if the horizon is correctly aligned. Also in Halide it is possible to set a longer shutter speed for shooting in poor lighting conditions, manual focus, presets to change the white balance, and more.

Halide is the most fast and comfortable to use third-party camera App in the App Store. And it will become an important tool on the path to better photos. The app will cost 379 rubles.


To make the most of RAW, you need a good photo editor. Applications of this format in the App Store a lot, but really decent just one. Lightroom is free, and most of its functions are available without payment of subscription. Therefore, it can be recommended even to beginners.

4 apps that every mobile photographer

4 apps that every mobile photographer

4 apps that every mobile photographer

The Adobe product is good because it has the most advanced algorithms of processing images. Exposure, shadows, contrast: all parameters are changed with surprising smoothness, not “destroying” photos and not spoiling the overall impression of the treatment.

In Lightroom there are all the necessary tools. Adjust each individual color curves, noise reduction, adjust perspective, and so on. Even the most ordinary picture can be turned into something nice and catchy. And that’s without any exaggeration. Examples of such work weight.

Many people oppose of color correction and editing in General. Supposedly it is dishonest and embellish reality impossible. It’s a matter of taste. But, if a photographer’s pictures, processed in Lightroom, do better than those who take the third-party software does not use, defeated first.

Premium subscription for Lightroom will cost 379 rubles per month.

Touch Retouch

And while Lightroom covers the vast majority of all the required user needs, he can’t retouch your pictures. Fortunately, the App Store has an app that can handle this task. About him almost nothing to say, because it and everything is clear. There is a delete feature lines. Wires, for example. And a function of deleting individual objects, whether the garbage in the background or extra people. App available in the App Store for 149 rubles.

4 apps that every mobile photographer


Corny, sure, but where else to put all the footage masterpieces? This sotsseti has earned its bad reputation among users. Many believe that there is thoroughly settled selfies-fashionista, vegan bloggers, homegrown manicurist and Buzova. This is partly true, but also true lovers of photography there is still there. Just need a better look, and it is better to subscribe to specific people and hashtags like #shotwithhalide. Then the tape will start to grow beautiful and quality pictures with great artistic value that can serve as a good inspiration.

4 apps that every mobile photographer

Well, your work is worth publishing, attributing any hashtags to get noticed. The developers of the app Halide is quite cozy and authentic community in Instagram. There you can see decent work of photographers using the iPhone as the main camera and ponabrali experience.

The above-described applications, of course, will not teach professional photography. Not having the required skills, make a good shot is unlikely to succeed. But they can arouse interest in photography in General and to open people’s talents of which they may never know. Many did start to shoot only after they find out what the iPhone camera is in RAW mode. Because in itself it is not impressive. So all concerned should definitely invest in Halide c Lightroom and start to create anew.

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