4 unusual ways to apply the airplane mode icon on iPhone

From a technical point of view, the mode of flight desired, to cellular phone module has not prevented the operation of the aircraft (although it has been shown that this risk is relatively small). Meanwhile, this mode may be useful in other situations. Resource Rusbase suggested four useful applications to airplane mode.

1. To read the message so that the sender did not know about it

Many messaging apps – including Facebook Messenger show, read your message or not. Although in some cases this feature can be disabled, this can usually be done only for both of them at once.

Turn on airplane mode before reading the message, and the sender learns nothing. This technique may not work in all apps, but in WhatsApp and many other messenger it certainly works.

Of course, there are caveats. If you need to use the phone, you have to decide and mark the message read. But sometimes it can give you a few precious minutes until you come up with a suitable answer.

2. To resolve connection issues

Airplane mode of flight allows them not only to conserve battery and avoid inconvenient phone calls in the cinema, but also restarts the network connection. In fact it’s a reboot, only you don’t need to wait for a few minutes until the OS has loaded.

You can use this method to solve any connection problems: if you are in an area with poor coverage, or if your phone can not switch between different networks or to find Wi-Fi.

It is not a panacea that can instantly fix any problem, but next time with the network will be something wrong, first try to turn on and off airplane mode. If that doesn’t help, then go back to the good old method – restart the phone entirely.

3. To protect your phone before giving it to the children

When are you going to give the iPhone into the hands of children, you can avoid many problems – from visiting sites of questionable content to in – app purchases- if you make it to activate the phone on airplane mode.

Of course, this is not an absolute protection. Children who have learned to turn off airplane mode, easily can do it, besides they will want to get online. However, this technique can be used as a quick solution, if you don’t want to deal with the delicate parental control settings.

This method will help when, for example, the child of one of your friends ask for the phone to play for five minutes, or during a long car ride so the kids could watch a movie (in phone memory), but was not able to answer for you on e-mail.

4. To extend the battery life

The battery in the iPhone provides long talk time surfing the Internet and work with applications. Following a few simple rules, for example, reducing the brightness of the screen or ranges of e-mail, you can extend the operating time of the device. However, the most effective in this sense is the airplane mode.

Since the iPhone is constantly trying to establish a connection with the cellular network, including in areas with a low level signal in the subway or out of range of the cellular network, energy consumption increases significantly. At such moments, to save battery you can turn the device to airplane mode.

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