5 Android features N, which are not on any iPhone

On his main event, Google announced the newest version of its operating system – Android N, which is aimed at improving the experience of interacting with mobile devices. The company spoke about new possibilities of the software platform, among which the increase in battery life, support for virtual reality, new opportunities multi-tasking, “instant application”.

1. Multiwindow mode

N Android was the first operating system version from Google that support multiwindow mode. Users will be able to display two different applications at the same time and set convenient size of the Windows. Such function appeared on the iPad last year (though it supports only iPad, Air 2 and above). But unlike iOS, the multi-window mode in Android N will be maintained and smartphones. To enter this mode, you must open the curtain multitasking, select the desired app and “drag” it up the window display.

2. Instant application

In parallel with the N Android developers have created Android Apps Instant so — called instant native Android applications that do not require installation. By clicking on a special link Android application can be downloaded almost instantly, like a normal web page, they will be downloaded to the device, not entirely, but only partially. According to Google traffic Instant Apps, in many cases, comparable with the normal traffic of the web pages. Application of a new type will be compatible not only with Android N, but also with previous versions, starting with Jellybean (4.1).

3. The function of saving electricity

In Android implemented a special function to save power. In iOS 9, as we know, Apple has increased the autonomy of the devices on the 1 hour and implemented a power-saving Mode. Google calls the new function and Svelte Doze to save power in Android “advanced”.

In Android N function Doze, which help to save energy during periods of no activity on the device, even more effective. Thanks to her dormant smartphone or tablet rarely accesses the Internet, but it is necessary to take it in hand or connected to a charger — data synchronization is performed more often. In turn, a function of Svelte ensures that applications do not create an abnormally heavy load on the CPU, network and RAM.

4. Background OS update

One of the interesting features in the Android became silent update devices. This concept assumes that the system uses one partition of the repository, and the second to install the update. Updates will be automatically downloaded to your device in the background. As soon as the user reboots the smartphone or tablet, he can immediately use the new version of the OS, without the interruption of a process of interaction with the device.

5. Virtual reality

N Android will come with a VR-platform Android Daydream mode and VR Mode, which optimizes the performance of applications in virtual reality. In the special regime will be included navigation system to navigate in a new VR environment and even the whole store with the programs, games, films and music. Specifically for Daydream the company will release a special VR version of apps like YouTube, Street View (“street View), Google Play Store (Google Play) Play Movies (Play Movies) and “Google Photos”. Programs for the new platform also offers online cinema Netflix and major game studios, including Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

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