5 annoying features of the iPhone

iPhone continues to gain market share, iOS and the popularity is growing very enviable pace, no matter what. But even the smartphone, called by many “first among equals” has a number of annoying features, which we will now discuss.


If you are still using the desktop version of iTunes, periodically syncing your iPhone with computer using cable, you just had to notice a small lane, clearly demonstrating the state of the device’s internal memory. However, to know how much pictures, songs, and videos – very helpful. However, personally I find the mysterious category of “Other” haunted for a long time, causing in the brain, the different associations. In order to find out what lurks in this tab, follow this path: “Settings” — “General” — “Use storage and iCloud”.

P. S. Sometimes, the Other category takes up too much space, gradually accumulating a cache of viewed content in the browser, notes, Safari tabs and more.

The volume

You probably will happen – not once – turn up the volume on your iOS device while playing or watching your favorite series. If such action took place in your life, you will likely notice that pop-up in the middle of the screen a window showing the volume level and blocking your view. Apple, why? That’s why I had to post this useless essentially (and not transparent) animation in the center? Of course, the problem can be solved using various tricks and install the jailbreak, but it’s not the most elegant way. Perhaps the volume level much better it would look in the status bar.

Moving apps

Most likely, you have not paid to this feature due attention simply because long since got used to it. However, you will agree, the process and way of moving apps between desktops is something extremely uncomfortable and even painful. If necessary move a few icons to do it at the same time, you are unlikely to succeed. Or collect all goods and chattels in the folder, or “drag” one. Moreover, usually it happens that moving to a new desktop app replacing long time have been demonstrated. And it all starts again.Something definitely needs to change.


Become familiar part of our lives cloud storage from Apple has nothing to do with similar services of competitors. Dropbox and Google Drive, for example, offer a series of much more useful features, including adding and removing files at any time and in any place. Unfortunately, iCloud has some issues.

16 GB

In the era of 4K video and 12 megapixel photos several megabytes each iPhone 16 GB looks hopelessly outdated. Well really, who in our day are really missing such a small amount of drive to accomplish daily tasks? As a rule, owners of the device in the minimum configuration constantly have to delete something, trying to release some space for new photos. In short, the 32 GB is not a luxury but an urgent necessity.

What annoys you in your iPhone? Share in the comments.

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